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Types of government specific to micronationalism

Lolkianism was the official state ideology of Munkkia. It was created and coined by President Mathias L. Magnussen. Lolkianism is a totalitarian ideology, mainly focusing on the thoughts and ideas of President M.L. Magnussen.

Lolkianism states that a President is to stay in office as long as the public wants. If a majority of the public wants the president to resign, only then is he required to resign.

Under the rule of Lolkianism, the priority of the state is to ensure that the citizen reaches their full potential, is represented and taken care of. This totalitarian practice is at all times voluntary. Lolkianism states that the cost of a totalitarian state is not freedom, but citizenship, as disobeyment and breaking the law in Munkkia does not result in imprisonment, but loss of citizenship.

Lolkianism heavily implies worship and adoration of the chosen leaders of the nation, along with ethical propaganda. Lolkianism encourages and financially supports images, songs and other media that inspires and motivate citizens to work for their nation.

Munkkia is the only nation currently under rule of Lolkianism.