Mathias L. Magnussen

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Mathias L. Magnussen
Mathias in the Netherlands (June 2015)
President of Gaerstan
Elected office
20th of September 2015
Chairman of The Council Daniel Sørensen
Predecessor Office established
Assumed in office
27th of June 2015
King of Gaerstania & Great Munkkia
Assumed in office
27th of June 2015
Heir apparent None
Predecessor Monarchy established
President of Munkkia
Assumed in office
11th of January 2015
Vice President Angutivik-Casper Rúnur Tausen Hansen
Predecessor Jonny Møbjerg
Vice President of the Republic of Munkkia
Assumed in office
11th of July 2014
President Jonny Møbjerg
Personal information
Born 24 April 1996 (1996-04-24) (age 23)
Birth name Mathias Lolk Magnussen
Citizenship Denmark, Munkkia
Nationality Danish
Ethnicity Danish-Munkkian
Political party National Alliance (Munkkia) (2014)

Imperial Lolkian Party (2014-2015)
Party of Gaerstan (2015)

Other political
Viðigrund Democratic Party (Gardeland Elections 2015)
Domestic partner Bogo Britze Kidde
Residence Gaerstan, Munkkia
Occupation Student, Web-designer
Profession Programmer
Military service
Nickname(s) "Clockwork"
Allegiance Munkkia
In service 2014
Rank General Generalofmunkkia.png

Mathias L. Magnussen, OBE, OTT, OSB, is a Danish Munkkian citizen, founding father and the previous President of Munkkia, aswell as previous King of Gaerstania. He is currently the President of Gaerstan, aswell as the Chairman of the Friendship Association of Denmark & Kaharagia. He founded the Republic of Munkkia with Jonny Møbjerg and Angutivik-Casper Rúnur Tausen Hansen, and later The Empire, then The Nation. After the Split of Munkkia, he founded the Kingdom of Gaerstania and Great Munkkia. He was also the Vice President under the Regime of Jonny Møbjerg. He is a student, studying computer science and web design. He was born on the 24th of April 1996, making him 19 years old. During his rule as president, he founded and lead the Imperial Lolkian Party. Mathias is a maoist. He is also autistic and suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. He is in a relationship.

Mathias created and lead The United Republic of Lolk in the pre-Munkkia era, before suggesting one nation, which became the Republic of Munkkia. Mathias also created and coined the previous State Ideology of Munkkia, Lolkianism, naming it after himself.

Early life

Mathias was born and raised on the Southern part of Funen Island, Denmark. Around the age of seven, he was diagnosed with autism and transfered to a special needs school. After finishing elementary school, Mathias went to study computer programming in Odense, Denmark. This is where he met the Founding Fathers and founded Munkkia.

Vice President

After Jonny Møbjerg was elected President of The Republic of Munkkia, Mathias was elected as Vice President of Munkkia. Despite his title, Mathias did a lot of intergovernmental work, securing several diplomatic relations, aswell as planning for the production of coins and banknotes.

President of Munkkia, The Empire and The Nation

Mathias became President on the 11th of January 2015, after six months of ruling as Vice President under the Jonny Møbjerg regime. Mathias took total control over the nation for the first few days, abandoning the Republic and turning it into The Empire of Munkkia. Soon after, Mathias secured colonial power and reestablished the new governmental system, under the ideological ways of Lolkianism, which he coined under his presidency.

After about a month, Mathias abandoned the Empire, claiming that it had become a distraction of the original purpose of Munkkia.

Abolition of the Kingdom & Citizenship in Kaharagia

After Munkkia, Mathias claimed independence over the previous Munkkian territory Southern Providence, taking this and several new territories. He named the newly founded nation the Kingdom of Gaerstania & Great Munkkia. He crowned himself King of Gaerstania. Gaerstania existed for over a month before being dissolved. Mathias went out of micronationalism for a short time, before gaining citizenship in the Principality of Kaharagia. Prince Maximilian of Kaharagia was a friend of Mathias since the Munkkian preiod, and Mathias was granted citizenship. He formed the Friendship Association of Denmark & Kaharagia shortly after, and is currently the Chairman of the organization.

Royal Full title

· His Imperial Highness King Mathias I of Gaerstania & Great Munkkia, Dearly Beloved by The People, Founding Father of The Proud Nation, Respected and In Every Way Equal to Each Citizen and Human, Under The People of Gaerstania & Great Munkkia, And May God Protect and Keep Him

People's Republic of Gaerstan

Mathias decided to renounce his citizenship in Kaharagia on the 20th of September 2015. Shortly after, he declared independence from Denmark on the historic city of Gaerstan, forming the People's Republic of Gaerstan. He invited the old citizens of Munkkia to join, but no one accepted.

Personal life

The Imperial Standard of King Mathias

Mathias lives and studies in Old Gaerstan, Gaerstania & G.M. In his spare time, he reads and writes. He is very intersted in history, politics, vexillology, linguistics, aswell as music. He also spends a lot of time working with Photoshop and playing Ukulele. Mathias is in a relationship with Prince Consort Bogo I of Gaerstania & Great Munkkia. He is a big fan of 80's music, Biffy Clyro and A Clockwork Orange. He has a Clockwork Orange themed tattoo.

Honors and Orders

Ribbonoforderofhteblueempire.jpg Ribbonoftheorderofthetrumpeter.jpg
Order of Saint Bartholomew ribbon bar.png Screen shot 2015-07-14 at 7.24.38 PM.png

Current Honors and Orders

· 10923808 424254594398263 6854443888595846993 o.jpg Ribbonoforderofhteblueempire.jpg - The Order of Blue Empire - 11 January 2015 (Empire of Munkkia) Awarded by Himself

· 10923808 424254594398263 6854443888595846993 o.jpg Ribbonoftheorderofthetrumpeter.jpg - The Order of The Trumpeter - 11 January 2015 (Empire of Munkkia) Awarded by Himself

· Abeldane flag.jpg Order of Saint Bartholomew ribbon bar.png - Order of St. Bartholomew - 20 February 2015 (Abeldane Empire) Awarded by Stephen of Abelden

· (Due to legal reasons currently unmentioned Medal)

· 800px-Konthaldev flag.png Screen shot 2015-07-14 at 1.30.05 AM.png - Order of Great Significance - 12 July 2015 (Kingdom of Kothladev) Awarded by King Angutivik I

· Flag of Surland.png Screen shot 2015-07-14 at 7.22.32 PM.png Medal of The Gouverment of Surland - 14 July 2015 (Consulat of Surland) Awarded by The First Consul Clément

· Oriflamme-icon.jpg Order of St. Arianna - 15 July 2015 (Principality of Lorenzenburg) Awarded by Prince Freï

Rejected/Denied Honors and Orders

· Bandeirarutena.png Order of the Ruthenian Star - 23 January 2015 (Kingdom of Ruthenia) Denied this order 4 February 2015