Mathias L. Magnussen

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Mathias L. Magnussen
Mathias in the Netherlands (June 2015)
President of Gaerstan
Elected office
20th of September 2015
Chairman of The Council Daniel Sørensen
Predecessor Office established
Assumed in office
27th of June 2015
King of Gaerstania & Great Munkkia
Assumed in office
27th of June 2015
Heir apparent None
Predecessor Monarchy established
President of Munkkia
Assumed in office
11th of January 2015
Vice President Angutivik-Casper Rúnur Tausen Hansen
Predecessor Jonny Møbjerg
Vice President of the Republic of Munkkia
Assumed in office
11th of July 2014
President Jonny Møbjerg
Personal information
Born 24 April 1996 (1996-04-24) (age 25)
Birth name Mathias Lolk Magnussen
Citizenship Denmark, Munkkia
Nationality Danish
Ethnicity Danish-Munkkian
Political party National Alliance (Munkkia) (2014)

Imperial Lolkian Party (2014-2015)
Party of Gaerstan (2015)

Other political
Viðigrund Democratic Party (Gardeland Elections 2015)
Domestic partner Bogo Britze Kidde
Residence Gaerstan, Munkkia
Occupation Student, Web-designer
Profession Programmer
Military service
Allegiance Alephia
In service 2014
Rank General Generalofmunkkia.png

Sharath Matityahu the First (born Mathias L. Magnussen) (24. april 1996) is the Danish-Alephian monarch of the Holy Alephian Republic since 2019.

Early life

Personal life

The Imperial Standard of King Mathias