Zealandian Transport Agency

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Zealandian Transport Agency
Vagergurðin Berå
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Established August, 2010
Country Zealandia
Role Road, Air, Sea and Land Transport (incl.Rail)and driver licensing Authority
Chief Executive Charlotte Lindstrom
Minister for Internal Affairs and Innovation Claire Nymoria
General information
Headquarters Tyrshavn, Denton

The Zealandian Transport Agency (ZTA) is a Zealandian Government entity tasked with promoting safe and functional transport by land, sea and air, including the responsibility for driver and vehicle licensing and investigating rail accidents in Zealandia.


In this case from Tiranaien

The Control Mark (Zealandian: Kontrollmarke Swedish:Kontrollmärke) is issued to all vehicles registered in Zealandia and denotes that it is currently registered and the month in-which it was registered.
All Control marks are valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

Zealandian Number Plates

All vehicles registered in Zealandia must show a Licence Plate (often called a number plate), These in Zealandia usually stay with a vehicle and are exchanged when it is transferred to another area of registration.
Codes usually follow the dialling code of the region then town or city followed by a unique identifying number, all Zealandian number plates are black with white writing and start with the letters ZL. .

Number Plates in the Kingdom of Zealandia

Image Use
Regular Number Plate.
Civil Defence usage
Commercial Vehicles such as trucks, and other vehicles used for business.
Car Dealer.
Diplomatic Vehicles.
For Use by Experimental vehicles.
Exported Vehicles.
Government Vehicles.
Royal Zealandian Coast Guard Useage
For Use by Royal Zealandia Constabulary vehicles.
For Use by President of Zealandia's vehicles.
For Use by Prime Minister's official vehicle.
For Use by rail vehicles.
For Use by The King of Zealandia's official vehicle.
For Use by Taxi-Cabs.
For Use on Trailers.

Diplomatic codes