President of Zealandia

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President of Zealandia
KOZ State Flag.png
State Flag of Zealandia
None Post Abolished

since N/A
StyleHer Excellency
Term length1 Year Renewable
Inaugural holderCharlotte Lindström
FormationZealandian Constitution and Civil unrest 6–7 February 2012
Final holderCharlotte Lindström
AbolishedJune 2, 2012

The President of Zealandia, was an elected senior position in Zealandia between that of Monarch and Prime Minister, as established by the then Zealandian constitution.


The Presidency was formed during the civil unrest in early February 2012 which lead to a breakaway republic and a coup.[1] The notion of a Zealandian president was formed by the Republic of Zealandia. The First Zealandian presidential elections where held on the 5th of February 2012 with Markssen winning.[2]
Markssen was the only person to have been President.

Role and Power

The role of the President was according to the Zealandian Constitution was " supreme directly elected advisor and official to the Monarch and the Prime Minister".[3]


The President had the following powers from the Zealandian Constitution (not an exhaustive list):

  • Declaration of an emergency
  • Requisitioning of ships, aircraft and land vehicles
  • Powers in the event of a grave national emergency, including the power to enter upon, take and destroy private property
  • Powers during a state of emergency to temporarily make legislation, which shall after 20 days be reviewed and may be repealed by the Storþing and renewed once.
  • Chair of the Central Economic Commission.

The President may have other powers confirmed upon them by law.



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