Prime Minister (Uskor)

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Prime Minister of Uskor
Uskors Statsminister
Deputy Chief Inspector Claire Nymoria

Formation February 28, 2010
Style The Honourable
Prime Minister
His/Her/Their Excellency
International Correspondence

Term length Unlimited, at the pleasure of the High Queen.

Appointed by Her Majesty Charlotte, the High Queen of Uskor

Inaugural holder Robert Kennedy

The Prime Minister (officially: The Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Uskor) is the leader of Government within The Commonwealth of Uskor.

The position of Prime Minister is the second most senior Uskorian public office after that of the High Queen and Jarls. It is followed by the office of deputy Prime Minister who supports the Prime Minister in their duties. The Prime Minister is the most senior member of Her Majesty’s cabinet committee of the Uskorian Executive Committee and is the senior most Minister of the Crown.

The Prime Minister is appointed by the High Queen. The current Prime Minister is Claire Nymoria who was appointed on October 26, 2016.

The Prime Minister reports to both the High Queen and the Uskorian Uskorian Great Assembly.

Official title

The Official title is in English the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Zealandia. It is in Zealandian: Den Uskori Statsminister and in Swedish Uskors Statsminister.

Functions and Powers

The role of the Prime Minister is set out in the Constitution of Uskor and by convention.
The Prime Minister, leads Uskor’s government by directing overall policy and chairing the Cabinet Committee of Her Majesty’s Executive Council.


From the formation of Uskor until February 7, 2012 the Office had been known as the First Minister of The Kingdom of Zealandia (Uskor’s original name).

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