Cool Barbie 3

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Not to be confused with Cool Barbie III - Prisoners Freed by Austenasian Television Productions.

Cool Barbie 3

Bubbles and the Dalek fly towards the house.
Created by Jonathan Austen
Caroline Austen
Created on 1 September 2008
Runtime 12:15
Episode chronology
Previous Cool Barbie 2
Next Last original episode

Cool Barbie 3 was a film made on 1 September 2008 by the now Emperor Jonathan I of Austenasia and his sister Caroline as a sequel to the two Cool Barbie films made in 2005 and 2006.

The film was recorded on a digital camcorder, but not uploaded to a computer until the necessary software was acquired in March 2015. Cool Barbie 3 has never been publicly released in its entirety, although small parts of audio and footage were included in Cool Barbie IX - Last of the Mysterons (2015).

Cool Barbie 3 was the last of the original three Cool Barbie films made. After the foundation of Austenasia later that month, Austenasian Television Productions began to remake the films in March the following year, and to continue the series.


The film starts with Jonathan announcing "Jonathan Austen Pictures presents: Cool Barbie 3!" Caroline then says to the camera "with a slipper" in a reference to what by then had become an infamous failed attempt by Jonathan to be funny at the start of the original Cool Barbie film in 2005.

Cool Barbie and her best friend Sophie drive through the garden and arrive at a holiday resort for toys, with Cool Barbie having been given two tickets by Spectrum as a reward for her help in defeating Bubbles. Meanwhile, Bubbles escapes from the Cryogenic Research Prison after a scientist attempts to conduct an experiment on him. Before being killed by Bubbles, a guard is able to alert Spectrum.

Sergeant Grey meets with two members of toy government, and they work on a plan for the defence of the Land. The Chancellor goes to the King - after confronting and arguing with his regent and would-be assassin, Colin - and gains permission to mobilise troops. After the Chancellor leaves, Colin loudly complains that he needs to use the toilet (this was intended to be a comedic reference to his role in a previous, unrelated homemade film, Sick Sick Dolly's Funeral (2004), but could be taken to imply that he had mistakenly consumed a drink he had poisoned for the King given that the line is straight after a veiled warning by the Chancellor that he has knowledge of Colin doing precisely that).

Meanwhile, on holiday, Cool Barbie and Sophie see a television broadcast by Sergeant Grey warning the population about Bubbles having escaped. Cool Barbie decides not to go to a public shelter as she worries that she may be one of Bubbles' targets, but before they can decide upon a course of action, Sergeant Grey arrives and tells them to come with him to Spectrum HQ. On their way there, they are attacked by Bubbles; Sergeant Grey confronts him, but is shot and left for dead.

Bubbles flies out into the Garden, destroying the holiday resort on the way, and reaches an open patio. Bubbles telepathically frees an invisibly imprisoned Dalek. Bubbles requests that the Dalek aid him in wreaking revenge on Earth, but the Dalek rejects Bubbles' proposal and shoots him. Bubbles is unhurt due to his natural forcefield, and the Dalek decides that he will be useful. Together, they resolve to attack Spectrum.

Back in the house, Cool Barbie and Sophie are looking after an injured Sergeant Grey when they are found by a patrol of Golden Arrows. They are suddenly attacked by Bubbles and the Dalek. As the Golden Arrows attempt to fight off the Dalek, Bubbles gloats to Cool Barbie that he will kill her but is suddenly knocked to the ground by Rose's tail, which destroys his forcefield. Declaring Bubbles a failure, the Dalek shoots him, but is then attacked by Rose and killed. One of the Golden Arrows notes that Bubbles' forcefield is reconstituting itself and that he must only be unconscious, and orders him re-imprisoned.

The film ends with Cool Barbie, Sophie, Rose and Caroline singing a paraphrased verse of "We Are Family" in front of the camera.

Several "out-takes" are included after the credits, but all were filmed after production of the episode itself had ended so as to use up space on the tape. Caroline pretends to chase a disobedient Rose around the garden to get her to take part in the film; a Barbie complains that her child got caught in fly paper while they were trying to find shelter from Bubbles; and the now Emperor Mother Margaret is filmed having a phone call (interspersed with incorrect indicators of time such as "Ten minutes later..." to give the appearance that the phone call took far longer than it did in reality).


Cool Barbie 3 was filmed at what would soon become the Imperial Residence. Jonathan and Caroline functioned as co-directors and camerapeople, and together provided all of the voice acting. Unlike the first two original films, the now Lord Timothy had no involvement with the third.

By the time Cool Barbie 3 was produced, the prop used for Bubbles in the previous two films had been lost, and so was replaced with a toy alien that continued to be used for the same role in the ATP episodes, his final appearance being eight years later in CB.X (2016). The change in prop was explained with Bubbles having "gone back to his fetal stage" due to a lack of sunlight in the prison.

Rose is referred to throughout the film as a rabbit due to an in-joke which was ongoing between Jonathan and Caroline at the time.

The rights to the movie were given to ATP by agreement of the two co-directors in early 2011.


Some of Cool Barbie's and Sophie's lines were also spoken by Jonathan in falsetto.

  • Caroline Austen as:
    • Sophie
    • Cool Barbie
    • Guard 1
    • Minister of Defence
    • King Ken II
    • Golden Arrow #4
  • Jonathan Austen as:
    • Cool Barbie
    • Scientist
    • Guard 2
    • Bubbles the Uranian
    • Sergeant Grey
    • Chancellor
    • Colin
    • Sophie
    • Dalek
    • Golden Arrows #1, #2 and #3
    • Out-take Barbie and child
  • Rose as:
    • Herself