Christmas (Cool Barbie minisode)

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King Yellow Bear confronts the Troll.
Written by HIM Emperor Jonathan I
Original air date 25 December 2020
Runtime 02:36
Episode chronology
Previous Cool Barbie XV - The Final Battle
Next N/A

The Christmas minisode is a "minisode" of Cool Barbie released on 25 December 2020 as a one-off Christmas special in response to popular demand for a return of the franchise. Produced by Austenasian Television Productions, the minisode was published two years after the release of the final episode of the main series.


In the Teddy Territories, a group of Dominus' followers led by one of the Trolls is holding a knitted duck hostage at gunpoint. The Troll demands that the teddies inform them of the location of King Yellow Bear, or else the duck will be killed. Yellow Bear arrives himself, and announces that Dominus is dead. The Troll and his followers teleport away, and Yellow Bear sends his guards to look for them.

Jubilant at the news that Dominus is dead, the teddies rejoice, exclaiming that it is "the best Christmas ever!" A toy Peter Rabbit questions the date, noting that Dominus conquered the world in September 2017 and has reigned for one year, making it too early in the year for Christmas. However, he is called a "grinch", and the teddies break into a spontaneous rendition of Silent Night. King Yellow Bear wishes the viewer a merry Christmas and a happy New Year, while Peter Rabbit protests that it is September.

Continuity notes

  • Peter Rabbit is completely correct. Given the release date of CB.XIV on 9 September 2017, and the statement in CB.XV that the events of that episode take place one year later, Dominus is killed in September 2018, not Christmas. This pokes fun at previous chronological inconsistencies in the series, such as it taking three years for Cool Barbie to receive holiday tickets from Spectrum, a Uranian thinking that 2004 was three years prior to 2010, and the battle fleet of a civilisation with the ability to teleport taking over two years to cross the Solar System.
  • Other than being mentioned by King Yellow Bear, the eponymous character of Cool Barbie plays no role in the minisode. This is similar to her lack of presence in the other three minisodes: in Moonita only the actual Cool Barbie doll is featured (having swapped bodies with Moonita), in Xeaphon the character is briefly seen in Moonita's body (and credited, albeit having no lines), and in Colin she is not featured in any way at all.


Production of the Christmas minisode took place over the course of a single day, 23 December 2020. Only the Moonita minisode - which was produced in a single evening - was completed faster.