Cool Barbie VII - Secession

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Cool Barbie VII

The superweapon is revealed to be the re-engineered Dalek.
Written by HIH Crown Prince Jonathan
Original air date 9 June 2012
Runtime 07:34
Production code CB.VII
Episode chronology
Previous Cool Barbie VI - Revenge of the Uprisor
Next Cool Barbie VIII - Plan of the Scourge

Cool Barbie VII - Secession, abbreviated as CB.VII, is the seventh episode of Cool Barbie produced by Austenasian Television Productions, written to give a fictional backstory to the cultural project of Crepundia. It was released on 9 June 2012.


Moonita instructs Corporal Barbie to attend an upcoming "unveiling", admitting that some toys dislike how the Land has been being fortified, but stating that they must be prepared for Colin's upcoming attack. Meanwhile, a group of toys meet to discuss their opposition to the toy government raising taxes to fortify the Land. The leader of the protesters tells his followers that he doesn't believe Colin will attack and that the government is using the threat of invasion as an excuse to militarize and enslave the Land; they all decide to attend the next day's unveiling of a "superweapon" in order to protest.

The next day, Corporal Barbie and the Chancellor converse as they wait for the new queen, Emily II, to unveil the weapon. The Chancellor affirms that he believes the weapon will be more than a match for Colin. Queen Emily II arrives and addresses the crowd, praising the scientists who engineered the weapon, but is heckled by the protesters and moves on to unveiling the superweapon. Pulling a sheet off the veiled weapon, the Queen reveals it to be the Dalek (from CB.III), which has been re-engineered to function as a remote-controlled weapon.

The crowd protests at the revelation that the Dalek will be remote-controlled by the Queen, with their leader claiming that the weapon is too powerful. An argument breaks out, with Emily and the Chancellor attempting to calm the crowd and assert their authority while the protesters assert democratic rights to free speech. As the protesters get more agitated, the Queen is escorted back inside the house by her guards and a projectile is thrown at the Chancellor.

Corporal Barbie addresses the protesters in an attempt to calm them, but a projectile is thrown at her and she falls to the ground; her electron gun accidentally goes off and shoots a protester. Their leader declares to his followers that they are being shot at, and urges them on to destroy the Dalek. A full-scale riot breaks out, with projectiles being thrown at the Dalek and soldiers attempting to hold the protesters back as the Chancellor gets to safety.

One week later, Xeaphon chairs a meeting between Emily II, the Chancellor, and the leader of the protesters. It is revealed that the protesters left for the Garden, and have been permitted to found their own Land: Crepundia, of which Xeaphon will crown the protester's leader King. Once Emily II and the new King of Crepundia have left, Xeaphon confides to the Chancellor that - despite the Dalek still being operational - he is concerned about their ability to deal with Colin's upcoming attack.

Meanwhile, in a mysterious storage area, an unseen figure approaches the Captain of the Golden Arrows and one of Colin's Trolls. He informs them that "the Fleet is on its way", and claims that soon, Colin will again rule the Land, and that he will take revenge on Xeaphon himself...

Continuity notes

  • Although external ATP material has on occasion referred to CB.VII being set in June 2012, the month of its release, a chronological problem may be created by Wisealise's statement that the Uranian Fleet is "on its way". The Xeaphon minisode explicitly places the events of CB.VIII in August 2014, and it seems difficult to believe that the battle fleet of a civilization as advanced as the Uranians takes over two years to cross the Solar System. Although that is not an impossible scenario (especially given the distance of c. 18 AU), going by what is specifically stated (or, rather, not) in the episodes themselves, it is possible to view CB.VII as taking place chronologically at any point between CB.VI and CB.VIII. An alternative is simply to view the final scene of CB.VII as taking place many months after the rest of the episode.
  • Emily II calls Colin her step-brother rather than her half-brother, revealing that she was a daughter of Ken II from before he married Emily I and that Ken II was not Colin's father. Prior to this, the precise relation between Ken and Colin had never been made clear.
  • The Dalek had last been seen in CB.III, when, as the Newsreader says, it had been killed by Edd. The Newsreader gives some more background information on the Dalek's origin, stating that it had been "imprisoned under the Garden by Xeaphon's ancestors"; this is further clarified in CB.XII to have been in 1291 by Xeaphon VII.
  • It is never explained why, if it was possible to re-engineer the Dalek shell after the creature's death, this was never attempted by Colin's regime. In CB.IV, Colin regrets that the Dalek was killed and does not include it in any way in his plan to take over the Land. The Newsreader states that the Chancellor was in charge of the project, which could mean that he was able to hide its potential (or even existence) from the then Regent Colin.
  • After the credits, an outtake is included of Princess Caroline having difficulty with her lines, the first ATP Cool Barbie episode to feature such.


CB.VII was written entirely to provide a fictional backstory within the Cool Barbie universe for the creation of Crepundia, a joint cultural project between Austenasia and Juclandia. The episode was filmed and edited together over the course of May and early June in 2012. Audio from news footage of recent riots in London was used for the confrontation between the protesters and military in the climax of the film. The final scene of the episode was filmed in the attic of the Imperial Residence, although it is intended to be set in a different property altogether from the Land.