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Kingdom of Crepundia
EstablishmentJune 2012 (fictional)
17 November 2012 (actual)
Time zoneGMT

The "Kingdom of Crepundia" was a joint Austenasian-Juclandian cultural project based in Wrythe, the Austenasian capital, as a means of strengthening relations between the two countries. The culture of the Kingdom of Juclandia is unique in being heavily based on toys, even counting them as citizens. Crepundia consisted of a toy house inhabited by toys, serving almost as a symbolic Juclandian embassy.

The fictional origins of Crepundia were revealed in Cool Barbie VII - Secession, a film in the Austenasian Cool Barbie series made primarily to give a fictional backstory to Crepundia. In the film, a group of toys become concerned with the high military spending of their government, worried that the weapons it is building will be used to oppress the populace. A protest at the unveiling of a superweapon turns into a riot; the protestors leave the main society of toys and are allowed to set up their own kingdom, Crepundia.

In actuality, plans for a cultural project between Austenasia and Juclandia were first discussed in January 2012, soon after formal diplomacy between the two nations was established. It was decided that said project would consist of a symbolic poplulation of "Juclandians" (toys) somewhere in the capital. Cool Barbie VII was written to create a backstory for Crepundia, also tying in with an ongoing story-arc in Cool Barbie, although writer Jonathan I has stated that one doesn't "need to watch episode number VII to understand VIII, it'll effectively continue straight on from the end of VI. Episode VII just prolongs the storyline, building a bit of tension". Cool Barbie VII was released in June, with Crepundia being officially unveiled on 17 November 2012 inside 2 Imperial Road.

Crepundia was eventually dismantled on 15 July 2019, due to the space inside the building being required for other purposes.