Cool Barbie XIII - The Assassin

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Cool Barbie XIII
The Assassin

King Yellow Bear is made aware of some murdered border guards.
Written by HIM Emperor Jonathan I
Original air date 30 August 2017
Runtime 06:31
Production code CB.XIII
Episode chronology
Previous Cool Barbie XII - A Last Chance
Next Cool Barbie XIV - The Invasion of the Eagle

Cool Barbie XIII - The Assassin, abbreviated as CB.XIII, is the thirteenth episode of Cool Barbie produced by Austenasian Television Productions. It was released on 30 August 2017.


A messenger interrupts a meeting of the Doll Senate to inform King Yellow Bear and the Minister of Defence that Xeaphon wishes to speak with them. They go downstairs to meet him, and he shows them some dead border guards, killed with fang marks in their necks. Xeaphon asks them to ensure the guards are replaced and to oversee attempts to find whatever the creature is that has broken into the house. He also tells them that he has mobilized troops to guard the Cryogenic Research Prison - in case the creature attempts to free Colin - and that he has called in Agent Holly of Spectrum to help Corporal Barbie track the creature down.

Agent Holly meets Corporal Barbie on the landing, and tells her that he has been unable to find any footprints or tracks. The two agents go into the Senate room, and find that the Senate members Yellow Bear left behind - and their guards - have been killed. Xeaphon and the King run up the stairs and also see the dead government members.

Reasoning that an attack on the day of a Senate meeting is no coincidence, Xeaphon orders Agent Holly to get King Yellow Bear to safety in a public shelter, then helps Corporal Barbie to keep looking for the creature.

Meanwhile, downstairs, the Minister of Defence meets with the two Captains of the armies and organizes the mobilization of the Land's military to secure the house and find the creature. The Captains both leave to carry out their orders, but the Captain of the Royal Army then runs back to the Minister of Defence and reports that the Captain of the People's Army is dead. They go to the body, and the Minister of Defence realizes that the creature is close by; turning around, he sees a toy spider on the now dead body of the other Captain, who jumps at him and fatally bites him.

Xeaphon and Corporal Barbie run downstairs and find the dead bodies of the heads of the military; Corporal Barbie realizes that somebody is trying to completely disable the Land's defences by neutralizing its government and military leaders, but struggles to think of who it could be, given that previous threats to the Land - the Uranians, Colin, and Wisealise - have been neutralized, and the Scourge are unlikely to attack on such a small scale.

King Yellow Bear and Agent Holly approach a public shelter. The King turns around and voices his unease to Agent Holly about the situation; despite the security crisis, they have not seen any soldiers, roadblocks or the like, and he wonders where the military is. A voice sounds from behind them, stating that "They haven't been ordered to mobilise." They turn around to see the Spider, who identifies himself as the Eagle's assassin. The Spider kills Agent Holly, but is unable to get to King Yellow Bear before he safely gets into the public shelter.

Upstairs, the victims of the Spider have been laid out on the bed in the Royal Hospital room. Xeaphon enters the room and shows Corporal Barbie two dead guards he found at the patio window; the creature has escaped. Corporal Barbie asks if the King is safe, to which Xeaphon replies that he must have made it in time, but that they cannot get into a public shelter from the outside to check. Corporal Barbie surmises that an attack will soon take place now that the leaders of the toys have been assassinated, and Xeaphon tells her that he is just about to go and mobilise the toy armies himself.

In the Garden, the Spider approaches the Eagle, a toy bird mounted on the back of a toy goat. The Spider informs him that the Land is ready to be conquered, to which the Eagle states that "It begins", as the camera zooms out to reveal him at the head of a large army of toy animals...

Continuity notes

  • Xeaphon is wearing black and remains unshaven, still in mourning for Moonita after the events of the previous episode, CB.XII.
  • When reflecting on the slow response of the military, King Yellow Bear recalls the events of CB.III (2009) and CB.XI (2016).


Production of CB.XIII took place over the first week of August 2017; the episode was actually completed and ready to publish before CB.XII.