Cool Barbie X - War in the Sky

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Cool Barbie X
War in the Sky

Xeaphon tracks the progress of the Scourge Armada.
Written by HIM Emperor Jonathan I
Original air date 1 February 2016
Runtime 06:08
Production code CB.X
Episode chronology
Previous Cool Barbie IX - Last of the Mysterons
Next Cool Barbie XI - Infiltration

Cool Barbie X - War in the Sky, abbreviated as CB.X, is the tenth episode of Cool Barbie produced by Austenasian Television Productions. It was released on 1 February 2016. It is the only full episode in which the Cool Barbie doll was not featured, as well as the full episode with the fewest number of actors (two) and characters (five).


Continuing straight on from the end of the last episode, Xeaphon and Corporal Barbie are at the NETDOF headquarters, watching a computer screen as an alarm blares. Xeaphon announces that a sole Uranian spaceship is headed straight for them. Before they can respond, a beeping noise signals an incoming teleport, and Bubbles appears in front of them.

Xeaphon and Corporal Barbie pull out guns and point them at Bubbles, but lower them once he explains that he has come to ask for help. He informs them that the Solar System is being invaded by the Scourge, and requests an alliance between Earth and Uranus. Xeaphon explains that Earth is not unified politically, and that its only powers with technology advanced enough to engage in extraterrestrial warfare are NETDOF and the Elven Empire. As NETDOF's capabilities are focused on the defence of the Earth itself, he suggests that Bubbles contact the High Elves if he wants a fleet to help defend Uranus from the Scourge.

Bubbles requests that NETDOF send an ambassador to the High Elves on his behalf, worried about the reception he would receive himself. He then suddenly receives a telepathic message informing him that the Scourge Armada has teleported into the Solar System just beyond Neptune, a fact Xeaphon corroborates with NETDOF's radars. A panicked Bubbles stresses the need for urgency; Corporal Barbie volunteers to go to the Elves, and Bubbles teleports her to the Elven Emperor.

Corporal Barbie appears in the throne room of the Elven Emperor, who forces her to kneel with a wave of his hand. He informs her that, having read her thoughts, he is completely aware of who she is and why she has come, but states that although the Elven Fleet is strong, even if it joins forces with the Uranian Fleet it would be impossible to defeat the Scourge Armada; sending his fleet would be pointless.

Meanwhile, at NETDOF HQ, an increasingly panicked Xeaphon is telephoning military commanders and preparing for the defence of Earth should Uranus fall. Bubbles warns that the Uranian base on Neptune will be unable to hold out for much longer, and that it is a matter of hours at most before the Armada reaches Uranus.

A dejected Corporal Barbie asks the Elven Emperor if there is nothing he can do, to which, declaring himself the greatest mage alive, he reveals that he will use the entire magical field of the Earth as a weapon to "obliterate the Scourge". He dismisses Corporal Barbie, and with another wave of his hand teleports her back to the NETDOF base.

Corporal Barbie appears back in front of Xeaphon and Bubbles, who ask her what happened. They are devastated when she tells them that the Elves will not be sending their fleet, but she informs them that he spoke of using the Earth's magical field as a weapon instead. An earthquake suddenly hits and they fall to the ground; Xeaphon realizes that whatever the Elven Emperor was planning to do, he likely just did it. They watch the computer screen as NETDOF sensors shows the Scourge Armada approaching Uranus, only to be destroyed by a blast of energy. Corporal Barbie, Xeaphon and Bubbles rejoice that the Solar System is saved.

On the Scourge homeworld, an unidentified Scourge announces that the Armada has been destroyed by Earth. Pledging vengeance, he orders some prisoners to be brought in...

Continuity notes

  • Corporal Barbie is referred to by Bubbles as "Cool Barbie", with him presumably unaware that she joined Spectrum. This is the first time she is addressed as such since CB.IV (2009), and the last time until CB.XV (2018), in which she has left the organisation.
  • The Elven Emperor says that his citadel is called "Eren Durdinath", the name of an elven city mentioned in the Fighting Fantasy book series.
  • CB.X is the only Cool Barbie full episode to have not had a single scene set in Xeaphon VII's Land of Plenty, the house in which most stories took place, joining the Xeaphon and Colin minisodes in having this unusual status.
  • After the credits, an outtake is included of Crown Princess Caroline forgetting her lines - "He spoke about using the Earth's weapon as a magical something against the something" - to which Jonathan I replies "that'll work(!)" and the cameraperson Emperor Mother Margaret can be heard laughing.


The majority of CB.X was filmed in July 2015; most of the scenes in the NETDOF base were filmed at St George's Hospital on 11 July (together with some scenes for CB.IX), and the scenes with the Elven Emperor were filmed at Carshalton Methodist Church on 22 July alongside his scenes for CB.XV. The opening establishing shot of the NETDOF base is from a series of shots filmed in November 2012 (see "Production" of the previous episode), and the final scene with the Scourge was filmed in January 2016 at the First Austenasian Embassy to the UK (Roehampton).