Austenasian Embassy to the United Kingdom

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The Embassy of the Empire of Austenasia to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is the unaccredited diplomatic mission of the Empire of Austenasia to the United Kingdom and base of operations for the Austenasian Ambassador to the United Kingdom.

The current embassy was claimed on 6 February 2017, replacing a former embassy which had been claimed from September 2015 to June 2016. Both have been in areas of London, capital of the United Kingdom.

Austenasia claims diplomatic immunity and extraterritoriality for its embassies, which - although unaccredited - are therefore administered by the Chief Ambassador rather than under British law.

The United Kingdom does not officially recognise the Empire of Austenasia, and has not therefore accredited or publicly acknowledged its embassies. The Embassy therefore serves a primarily ceremonial purpose.

First Embassy (2015-2016)

LA202 Lee House, the former First Austenasian Embassy to the United Kingdom (in September 2013, before being claimed as such).

The First Embassy was located within the student accommodation at the University of Roehampton in London.

The embassy was located at LA202, Lee House, at the Digby Stuart College of the University of Roehampton. This residence had served as the term-time accommodation of Emperor Jonathan I since he began his undergraduate degree at the university in September 2013. On 19 September 2015, the eighteenth Imperial Edict of Jonathan I claimed the residence to serve as the Austenasian Embassy to the United Kingdom until 4 June 2016, by which time the Emperor's time at the university had come to an end.

The position of Austenasian Ambassador to the United Kingdom was, during the time of the First Embassy, held ex officio by the Chief Ambassador, who at the time the embassy was claimed was Countess Eritoshi of Memphis. The Countess did not reside at the embassy, but did regularly visit once or twice a week until her resignation from foreign affairs in March 2016. She was replaced as Chief Ambassador (and, thereby, as Ambassador to the United Kingdom) by Lord Charles Clarke, who did not visit the embassy.

During term-time, the embassy was inhabited by the Emperor. No diplomatic events took place there, and the claim was primarily to ensure that the Emperor's university residence fell under Austenasian jurisdiction. The final scene of Cool Barbie X - War in the Sky was filmed in the embassy's bathroom in January 2016.

Second Embassy (2017-present)

7 Barclay House, the Second Austenasian Embassy to the United Kingdom.

The current Second Embassy of Austenasia to the United Kingdom is located at 7 Barclay House, Well Street, Hackney Central, and is comprised of a ground-floor residence of a block of flats. It is the home of the incumbent Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Lee Cant, who was appointed such on 4 February 2017. His residence was claimed as the Second Embassy two days later, on 6 February.