Cool Barbie VI - Revenge of the Uprisor

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Cool Barbie VI
Revenge of the Uprisor

The exiled Colin confronts Corporal Barbie in his garden camp.
Written by HIH Crown Prince Jonathan
Original air date 14 July 2011
Runtime 06:52
Production code CB.VI
Episode chronology
Previous Cool Barbie V - Stepping towards the Sky
Next Cool Barbie VII - Secession

Cool Barbie VI - Revenge of the Uprisor, abbreviated as CB.VI, is the sixth episode of Cool Barbie produced by Austenasian Television Productions. It was released on 14 July 2011.


Exiled in the Garden after his failed rebellion, Colin and his followers encounter a group of exiles who Colin himself had exiled while formerly in power. The two groups of exiles attack each other, with Colin's followers easily overpowering the others with the Troll Leader's magic and the Golden Arrow's firearm. Safe from the other exiles, Colin inquires about the progress of a base he has ordered built. Informed that it is finished, he instructs his followers to return there so that they can await the arrival of a "guest".

Meanwhile, back in the Land, Sergeant Grey and Corporal Barbie are informed by two Royal Guards that while travelling back from a Senate meeting, Queen Lucy collapsed and died. A doctor who attempted to treat the Queen informs them that she suspects the death was an assassination with magic, and they reason that since Colin has the greatest motive to kill the Queen, the most likely suspect is one of his troll followers.

Corporal Barbie goes to the Senate to look for clues, and meets the Chancellor. Despite initially considering it unlikely that one of Colin's exiled followers could slip past the guards into the Land, he soon spots one of the Trolls hiding in a corner. Corporal Barbie attempts to tackle the Troll, upon which he teleports himself - and her - into Colin's base in the Garden.

Corporal Barbie finds herself confronted by Colin and a Golden Arrow, the latter of whom holds her at gunpoint. Colin informs her that he is working on a plan to take over the Land, and that the murder of Queen Lucy was a way to lure Corporal Barbie out into the Garden where she can be killed and taken out of the way, while at the same time disposing of "that usurper Lucy". Corporal Barbie threatens Colin and his followers with the jurisdiction of Spectrum, but is informed that his base has been magically cloaked. She therefore resolves to get out of the base, and runs away, but once out the base is knocked to the ground by a blast of magic from the Troll.

The Golden Arrow notices a device on Corporal Barbie's wrist, which she explains is a tracking device that - now out of Colin's base - is broadcasting her location to Spectrum. Sure enough, a Spectrum helicopter arrives piloted by Agent Holly, who orders Colin to let the Corporal go before they open fire. Colin instructs the Golden Arrow to unleash their "secret weapon", and he opens a jar containing a bumblebee. Instead of attacking the helicopter, the bee flies away to a flower, and Colin dejectedly orders the Troll to send Corporal Barbie back.

Just as the Troll casts the teleportation spell, Colin changes his mind and orders the Golden Arrow to shoot her, and a bullet hits her before she is successfully teleported away. Agent Holly declares that they've "crossed the line" and prepares to have the helicopter open fire, but the Troll teleports himself, Colin, and the Golden Arrow away.

Later, Sergeant Grey visits Corporal Barbie, who is recuperating in the Royal Hospital. She reveals that she was only hit in the leg and will soon recover. The Sergeant informs her that Colin escaped after she was teleported away, but that a nationwide search has been launched for them.

Continuity notes

  • CB.VI is the first ATP-produced episode of Cool Barbie to contain no references to the date in which it is set, a trend which continued in most episodes.
  • The helicopter flown by Agent Holly is the same as that flown by Lieutenant Green in CB.IV.


The episode was filmed over June and July 2011 in the Imperial Residence and Wrythe Public Park.

The title of the episode contains the word "Uprisor", a misspelling of the word "upriser". Despite the word being spelt incorrectly, this spelling has been maintained in all ATP releases and material.