Cool Barbie III - Prisoners Freed

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Cool Barbie III
Prisoners Freed

Bubbles forms an alliance with the Dalek.
Written by HIH Crown Prince Jonathan
Original air date 15 April 2009
Runtime 09:28
Production code CB.III
Episode chronology
Previous Cool Barbie II - Return of the Champion
Next Cool Barbie IV - The Uprising

Cool Barbie III - Prisoners Freed, abbreviated as CB.III, is the third episode of Cool Barbie produced by Austenasian Television Productions, a remake of Cool Barbie 3 (2008). It was released on 15 April 2009.


Cool Barbie and her best friend Sophie are in Cool Barbie's car, going on holiday with two tickets given to Cool Barbie by Spectrum for her help in dealing with the events of the last episode. Meanwhile, at the Cryogenic Research Prison, a scientist attempts to conduct an experiment on the imprisoned Bubbles, only for the latter to escape. Bubbles kills the scientist and two guards, but not before Spectrum has been alerted.

Spectrum sends Sergeant Grey to deal with the situation, and he meets with the Chancellor and the Minister of Defence in the Doll Senate. They agree not to risk mobilising battalions of the First Army loyal to Regent Colin, and so the Chancellor goes to visit King Ken II while the Minister of Defence organises the Golden Arrows to hold Bubbles off. At the hospital, Colin tries to intercept the Chancellor, but the latter gets through to the King regardless and obtains permission to mobilise more trustworthy troops.

Meanwhile, on holiday, Cool Barbie and Sophie see a television broadcast by Sergeant Grey warning the population about Bubbles having escaped. Cool Barbie decides not to go to a public shelter as she worries that she may be one of Bubbles' targets and does not wish to put others at risk, but before they can decide upon a course of action, Sergeant Grey arrives and tells them to come with him to the Doll Senate. On their way there, they are attacked by Bubbles; Sergeant Grey confronts him, but is shot and left for dead.

Bubbles flies out into the Garden, destroying a poolside resort on the way, and reaches an open patio. Establishing a psychic link, he discovers and frees an imprisoned Dalek. Bubbles requests that the Dalek aid him in wreaking revenge on Earth; the Dalek initially rejects Bubbles' proposal, but eventually declares Bubbles "necessary" after an offer of information and help.

Back in the house, Cool Barbie and Sophie are unharmed, but Sergeant Grey is unconscious and their vehicle is damaged beyond repair. They are found by a Golden Arrow patrol, which arrives just in time, as Bubbles re-enters the house with the Dalek. Cool Barbie and Sophie hide while the Golden Arrows attempt to fight off the aliens. Bubbles corners Cool Barbie, but as he prepares to shoot her, Edd runs in and knocks him to the ground. The Dalek realises Bubbles is of no further use and shoots him before turning to attack Edd, but the latter quickly attacks and kills it.

A Golden Arrow inspects Bubbles and realizes that he is still alive. Bubbles is quickly reimprisoned in the Cryogenic Security Prison under higher security, and Edd runs out into the garden as the others thank him for saving the day.

Continuity notes

  • A caption added to the official YouTube release of the film, as well as external ATP synopses of the film, state that it is set in August 2008, placing it over three years since the events of CB.II in the chronology of the series. It is interesting that it apparently took such a long time for Spectrum to organize holiday tickets as reward/compensation for Cool Barbie.
  • Bubbles says that Cool Barbie has survived "a spaceship, a battle, and three car crashes", referring to her previous encounters with him. In CB.I she was abducted onto his spaceship after he shot her car, in CB.II her car is again shot by Bubbles during a battle between him and toy soldiers, and the third car crash takes place earlier in CB.III when, again, her vehicle is shot by Bubbles.
  • When Bubbles attacks Cool Barbie, Sophie, and Sergeant Grey on their way to the Senate, part of the Dalek toy can be seen in the background, despite the Dalek not having yet been freed in the narrative of the episode.


Filming and editing took place over the last half of March and the first half of April 2009, with most scenes being filmed on 8 and 12 April. Princess Caroline handled Edd, and - as with the previous episode - background music was included from the Doctor Who soundtrack. A trailer for Cool Barbie IV - The Uprising was included after the credits.