Colin (Cool Barbie minisode)

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Colin and his followers hide in an abandoned building.
Written by HIM Emperor Jonathan I
Original air date 1 September 2015
Runtime 02:11
Episode chronology
Previous Xeaphon minisode
Next Cool Barbie IX - Last of the Mysterons

The Colin minisode is the last of three "minisodes" of Cool Barbie released over the course of 2015, examining the aftermath of Cool Barbie VIII - Plan of the Scourge on three different characters. Produced by Austenasian Television Productions, the minisode was released on 1 September 2015.


In a derelict area several miles from the Land, Colin and his followers are hiding out in an abandoned building, on the run from Spectrum. The Troll Leader arrives, and tells them that Spectrum agents are on his trail. Colin announces that they are going to put his back-up plan into effect, and instructs the Troll Leader to make preparations for their return. The Troll Leader leaves, and the other two Trolls begin a spell, using a Uranian power cell to teleport them all. As they teleport away, Sergeant Grey and some Spectrum soldiers arrive, only to find the building empty.

Colin and his followers re-appear in an unfamiliar location. One the Trolls congratulates them on being the furthest away from Earth anything from the planet has ever been. A door opens, and Colin attempts to greet whatever came through. However, the group suddenly comes under attack, with blasts of energy killing some of them. Colin and his surviving followers run away and hide.

Continuity notes

  • The events of this minisode are narrated by the Golden Arrow in CB.IX (2015), in which it is revealed that the destination of Colin and his followers was the Scourge home planet.
  • When Colin's group is attacked by the Scourge, a Troll and two Golden Arrows are killed on-screen. The survivors split into two groups to hide: the first - comprised of Colin, a Troll, and a Golden Arrow - are not seen again until CB.XI (2016), when it is revealed that they were captured and then employed by the Scourge; the second - comprised of a Golden Arrow and the Golden Arrow Captain - has their fate explained by the Golden Arrow after he teleports back to Earth in CB.IX.
  • The minisode is the only Cool Barbie production in which the eponymous character is not featured or even mentioned. She plays a minimal role in the other three minisodes: in Moonita the doll is featured (having swapped bodies with Moonita), in Xeaphon she is seen in Moonita's body (and credited, albeit having no lines), and in Christmas she is mentioned, but Colin is the only minisode or episode in which Corporal Barbie was not featured in any way.
  • The minisode is the only Cool Barbie production in which every role was voiced by a single person, namely Emperor Jonathan I.


The second part of the minisode was filmed in a hall at Carshalton Methodist Church on 7 March 2015. The first part was filmed on 13 May in an area of wasteland near Mitcham Common, now part of the Kingdom of Rushymia. It had originally been planned for the minisode to be published in November 2015, but early completion of production resulted in the release date being brought forward to 1 September.