Cool Barbie XI - Infiltration

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Cool Barbie XI

A Scourge attacks the Land.
Written by HIM Emperor Jonathan I
Original air date 20 December 2016
Runtime 09:59
Production code CB.XI
Episode chronology
Previous Cool Barbie X - War in the Sky
Next Cool Barbie XII - A Last Chance

Cool Barbie XI - Infiltration, abbreviated as CB.XI, is the eleventh episode of Cool Barbie produced by Austenasian Television Productions. It was released on 20 December 2016.


The episode begins with a broadcast by the Newsreader, explaining that Corporal Barbie and Moonita have been switched back into their original bodies by Xeaphon using the power of the Staff of Forest Elves, and that the former Chancellor, Yellow Bear, is now King of Toys.

The new King Yellow Bear bids farewell to Sergeant Grey and Corporal Barbie on the garden patio as they prepare to travel to Spectrum HQ for tests to be run on the Corporal following her body-swap experience. The King goes back into the house as the Sergeant and Corporal begin to fly out of the Garden, but the latter find that the Land's forcefield has been turned on and that they can't get out.

Inside the house, King Yellow Bear finds that the Land has suddenly come under attack by a Scourge, and runs up to his army as it attempts to engage the alien in combat. However, the Scourge simply knocks most of the toy soldiers over, forcing the toys to retreat upstairs. As they do so, the Scourge teleports to halfway up the stairs, trapping the survivors of the army on the ground floor but King Yellow Bear and his officers higher up the stairs. The King resolves that they should get to the Capital Province (the main bedroom the toys live in).

Meanwhile, Colin, a Troll, and a Golden Arrow teleport onto the landing and force their way into the capital themselves, the Golden Arrow destroying a roadblock with a Scourge blaster. Colin states that they have the room to themselves, as the residents will have hidden in public shelters due to the Scourge attack. Colin and his followers move to a laser cannon pointing out of the window, and the Golden Arrow affixes some Scourge technology.

The Captain of the Royal Army walks into the capital to see the dead soldiers from the roadblock and Colin and his followers by the laser cannon, and goes back out to the landing to report it to King Yellow Bear, who deduces that Colin must now be working for the Scourge. Yellow Bear gets a phone call from Corporal Barbie, who tells him that she is locked outside with Sergeant Grey. The King then phones one of the soldiers trapped downstairs by the Scourge, and tells him to unlock the garden door to let in the Spectrum agents.

The Scourge notices the King and his followers on the landing, and tells them to go downstairs, but as the army unlocks the garden door and lets Corporal Barbie and Sergeant Grey into the house, the Scourge detects an incursion and - ignoring Yellow Bear and the others - goes into the capital to take up a defensive position in front of the laser cannon.

Corporal Barbie and Sergeant Grey fly upstairs to see Colin manning the laser cannon. He sets co-ordinates for major world cities and announces that he will conquer Earth. Colin activates the laser cannon and the Scourge teleports away to "evacuate". Yellow Bear demands to know what is happening, and Colin explains that with Scourge technology, they have modified Xeaphon's laser cannon to increase its energy output by a septillion percent, and that he plans to use its awesome power to force the world to surrender.

Yellow Bear claims that increasing the laser cannon's energy output by a septillion will make it explode with enough force to destroy the planet. Realising why the Scourge teleported away, Colin attempts to deactivate the cannon, to no avail. As the countdown to detonation continues, Colin and his followers also teleport away. As the countdown reaches zero, Corporal Barbie blacks out, and in a vision the Elven Emperor tells her that he has prevented the explosion, but warns her not to rely on his help in future.

Corporal Barbie wakes up to find the military securing the area and the laser cannon being inspected. Sergeant Grey reassures her that the cannon did not detonate, and suggests that she fainted due to the after effects of the body-swap. She does not inform the King - who assumes that the cannon was at overcapacity - of the true reason why it did not explode.

Back on the Scourge homeworld, Colin confronts the Scourge Prince, who informs him that his life was of no importance and that the aim of his mission was simply to destroy the Earth. With Colin now of no further use, the Scourge Prince decides to kill him, but agrees to give him one last chance to conquer Earth, if he will do so for the Scourgian Empire.

Continuity notes

  • The Scourge uses as a weapon a staff of the same sort used by Wisealise in CB.VIII (2014).
  • The Golden Arrow's Scourge blaster is the same prop as that used in CB.IX (2015), implying that affixing Scourge technology to toy weaponry is something which is relatively easily done.
  • Colin's robes are now fixed and cleaned, having got steadily more torn and disheveled since his exile at the end of CB.IV (2009). This was achieved by purchasing a new costume.
  • The laser cannon sabotaged by Colin was mentioned in CB.IX, but not seen. It is the same prop as that used as a machine gun by the human soldier in both the original Cool Barbie film (2005) and the ATP CB.I (2009).


Filming for CB.XI took place over October and November 2016. The shot of the Elven Emperor was filmed in July 2015 alongside his scenes for CB.X (2016).


  • HIM Emperor Jonathan I as:
    • Newsreader
    • King Yellow Bear
    • Sergeant Grey
    • Captain of the People's Army
    • Captain of the Royal Army
    • Colin
    • Golden Arrow
    • Soldier
    • Troll
    • Soldier 2
    • Scourge
    • Elven Emperor
    • Hippo
    • Scourge Prince
  • HIH Crown Prince Caroline as:
    • Corporal Barbie