Cool Barbie 2

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Not to be confused with Cool Barbie II - Return of the Champion by Austenasian Television Productions.

Cool Barbie 2

Bubbles floats back down to Earth in an escape pod.
Created by Jonathan Austen
Timothy B.
Created on 9–10 December 2006
Runtime 05:51
Episode chronology
Previous Cool Barbie
Next Cool Barbie 3

Cool Barbie 2 was a film originally made on 9 December 2006 by the now Emperor Jonathan I of Austenasia and his cousin Timothy as a sequel to the Cool Barbie film they had made the previous year, with some of the movie re-filmed by Jonathan alone the next day.

Parts of some scenes are missing, and others from the initial day of filming only survive due to having been filmed on the camera while later being shown on a television screen, much of the footage from the first day of filming having been taped over either by Jonathan's re-filming of some scenes or by other productions.

The film was recorded on an analogue camcorder, and not converted to a digital format until September 2014, upon which Austenasian Television Productions edited the surviving different shots and scenes into - so far as was possible - one cohesive film. Cool Barbie 2 has never been publicly released in its entirety, although small parts of audio and footage were included in Cool Barbie IX - Last of the Mysterons (2015).


The film begins with the narration "From the deepest depths of Uranus..." as an escape pod floats down to Earth (during which the camera briefly zooms out to reveal that the prop is being gradually lowered to the floor on a string by Timothy). The escape pod breaks open to reveal an alien, which grows in size (and temporarily transforms into a can of baked beans) until it become Bubbles, who swears revenge on Cool Barbie.

Cool Barbie is driving in her car when she is intercepted by Captain Scarlet, who tells her that they must evacuate the area. She decides that they must get to "base"; he gets into her car and they drive off. Arriving at the Doll Senate, they discuss what to do. Colin - the "Director for Military" - begins to work on a plan of defence, but Bubbles arrives and attacks the Senate.

Bubbles leaves, scared of the sound of screaming dolls, but only Cool Barbie, Captain Scarlet, and two minor members of toy government - a hippo and teddy - remain alive. Captain Scarlet sets out plans to organise a barricade, which the hippo pledges to set up. When asked how he can do this as "Minister for Food", the hippo simply replies "Tinned sardines are the secret -" before the scene cuts.

The Narrator announces that "so, a great battle raged, in some garden... somewhere" before the scene opens in a setting which is clearly not a garden (the same bedroom in which the entirety of the episode has so far been set). Bubbles approaches a barricade manned by Captain Scarlet and some Action Men and a battle breaks out, in the midst of which the hippo appears exclaiming "Stop! I know a way to stop this war!" before being shot dead by Bubbles.

An explosion destroys the barricade and throws Captain Scarlet to the ground, who worries that he may not be as invincible as thought. Bubbles declares victory, and Captain Scarlet reveals that he can (somehow) "change into a snake when I'm about to die". He transforms into a giant snake (still wearing his electron gun) and defeats Bubbles. The Narrator then erroneously states that "the snake" (clearly intending to say "Bubbles", who is then shown being put into a freezer) was cryogenically imprisoned in Iceland, specified to be the food store rather than the country. The film ends with Cool Barbie and Captain Scarlet singing a paraphrased verse of "We Are Family" in front of the camera.

There are no credits to Cool Barbie 2; instead, after the Narrator states that the film was produced by "Jonathan Austen Pictures", there is an out-take of the camera zooming out to show Timothy giving instructions regarding the set-up of the scene and laughing when Jonathan states "that's our assistant director".


Like the original episode filmed a year previously, Cool Barbie 2 was initially filmed at what is now the Imperial Residence during a family get-together in celebration of the now Emperor Mother Margaret's birthday (the voices of guests talking can be heard from downstairs during the opening scene). Jonathan and Timothy functioned as co-directors and cameramen, and together provided all the voice acting for the original takes. Unlike the first and third original films, the now Crown Princess Caroline had no official involvement with the second, but while Timothy is intoning creepy music during the descent of Bubbles' escape pod, she can be heard to ask "Why is it sounding like Harry Potter in there?" from outside the room.

The following day, Jonathan re-filmed much of the episode alone after having begun to transfer it onto a VHS tape, unhappy with the amount of conversation which could be heard between himself and Timothy during the original set of filming. Unfortunately, this resulted in much of the original day's scenes being taped over.

The rights to the movie were given to ATP by agreement of the two co-directors in early 2011.


Bubbles and Captain Scarlet were voiced by both Jonathan and Timothy.

  • Jonathan Austen as:
    • Narrator
    • Bubbles the Uranian
    • Radio DJ
    • Cool Barbie
    • Captain Scarlet
    • Senate members
  • Timothy B. as:
    • Bubbles the Uranian
    • Captain Scarlet