Cool Barbie II - Return of the Champion

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Cool Barbie II
Return of the Champion

Captain Scarlet summons Cool Barbie to the Doll Senate.
Written by HIH Crown Prince Jonathan
Original air date 15 March 2009
Runtime 04:41
Production code CB.II
Episode chronology
Previous Cool Barbie I - Fallen from the Sky
Next Cool Barbie III - Prisoners Freed

Cool Barbie II - Return of the Champion, abbreviated as CB.II, is the second episode of Cool Barbie produced by Austenasian Television Productions, a remake of Cool Barbie 2 (2006). It was released on 15 March 2009.


Bubbles floats down into the house through an open window in an escape pod. Exiting the escape pod, he swears revenge on planet Earth and its people. Captain Scarlet, an agent of Spectrum, finds Cool Barbie and takes her to the Doll Senate, telling her that she may be useful due to her previous encounter with the alien.

At the Senate, Captain Scarlet briefs the assembled members of toy government on the situation, and questions are fielded. Prince Colin is irritated that Bubbles' spaceship was destroyed without its weaponry having been salvaged, but the Chancellor argues that they must focus on the here and now. Before any plans can be made, Bubbles attacks the Senate, killing a guard and a Barbie senator. Captain Scarlet's weapons are unable to breach Bubbles' natural forcefield, but he distracts Bubbles long enough for Cool Barbie and the rest of the Senate to escape, and then slips out himself.

A roadblock manned by Action Men and toy soldiers is set up to stop Bubbles. While a battle rages between the two, Cool Barbie and Captain Scarlet drive up to the roadblock. Bubbles launches an energy missile at the car; Cool Barbie escapes with her ejector seat, but Captain Scarlet is thrown across the room in an explosion. He reveals that he is "not completely" indestructible, but that he does have sufficient "retrometabolistic" energy to defeat Bubbles. The Captain then transforms himself into a large spider, which successfully attacks and subdues Bubbles. Still fatally wounded, the Captain Scarlet Spider recommends research be done on Bubbles' forcefield and suggests that Cool Barbie would be a good Spectrum agent, before dying.

Still unconscious, Bubbles is imprisoned in the Cryogenic Research Prison (the house's freezer). Colin approaches the scientist in charge of the research project to be conducted on Bubbles' natural abilities, and instructs him to focus on building a weapon.

Continuity notes

  • A caption added to the official YouTube release of the film, as well as external ATP synopses of the film, state that it is set in July 2005, placing it nine months after the events of CB.I in the chronology of the series.
  • The character of Captain Scarlet is an appropriation of the eponymous hero of Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, and Spectrum is meant to reflect a version of the organisation of the same name in said TV series.
  • The spider toy used for Captain Scarlet's spider form was used again eight years later for the Spider in Cool Barbie XIII - The Assassin; at the start of the following episode, King Yellow Bear remarks on the physical similarity.
  • When Cool Barbie and Captain Scarlet arrive at the roadblock, Bubbles exclaims "You two again!" The start of a muffled "What?" can be heard before the next clip; this was the then Emperor Terry I, who was in an adjoining room at the time and had forgotten that filming was taking place.


Filming and editing took place over the week preceding the film's release online. As with the Moonita minisode (2015), the entirety of the episode was filmed inside the Imperial Residence, the only full episode in the series for which this is the case.

CB.II is one of only a few Cool Barbie episodes to include a soundtrack. Music was taken from the soundtracks of Doctor Who and Captain Scarlet, as well as from a National Geographic documentary.