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The fictional universe in which Cool Barbie is set features several locations, some of which are near identical to parallels in the real world, others of which are entirely fictional.

Xeaphon VII's Land of Plenty

The main setting of Cool Barbie is Xeaphon VII's Land of Plenty, a house in Carshalton built in the late thirteenth century by Xeaphon VII to guard the entrances to the prisons of the Titans, extradimensional spirits he had defeated and trapped; the Cool Barbie universe version of the Imperial Residence, where its scenes are filmed. The house is inhabited by the current-day Xeaphon (numbered as XVIII in CB.XII; Xeaphon VII's distant descendant) and his family: Ken the Elder, his father; Ato, his mother; and Moonita, his sister. The family protect and supervise the governance of a Land of toys which live in the house. This community is governed under a constitutional monarchy of sorts, with the toy's monarchy following some hereditary principles but ultimately confirmed by Xeaphon's appointment.

Xeaphon VII's Land of Plenty has been featured in every Cool Barbie episode to date, with the exceptions of CB.X and the Xeaphon and Colin minisodes.

Capital Province

The Capital Province - Xeaphon's bedroom - is the meeting place of the Doll Senate, the governing body of the Land's toy population, as seen in CB.II, III, IV, and XII. Situated on the upper floor of the house, it is used for Moonita's coronation as Queen of Toys in the Moonita minisode, and is also home to a laser cannon which is intended for the protection of the Land. The room is first named the Capital Province in CB.XI, which sees King Yellow Bear attempting to get to it during a Scourge attack only to find Colin there sabotaging the laser cannon.


The upstairs landing of the house (not given a name in the series) connects the rooms on the upper floor with a staircase leading downstairs. It has seen various incidents over the series, including a battle between Bubbles and toy military in CB.II, Cool Barbie overpowering followers of Colin in CB.IV, and King Yellow Bear and his military officers confronting a Scourge in CB.XI.

Doll Box

The Doll Box - Moonita's bedroom - is a room on the upper floor; no scenes in the series have actually been located in this room. The Doll Box has only been mentioned in CB.IV: while Colin orders the First Army to secure the rest of the house, he has his elite troops, the Golden Arrows, focus on the Doll Box, implying its comparative importance. Although lacking the ceremonial precedence of the Capital Province, the Doll Box has the highest population of toys.

Royal Hospital

The Royal Hospital - Ken and Ato's bedroom - is a room on the upper floor which was used in CB.IV for the medical care of King Ken II, and saw his assassination by the Captain of the First Army (although, according to the script, it should have been the same place as the King's hospital in CB.III, the scenes in said earlier episode took place in the Capital Province). It was also used in CB.VI for Corporal Barbie's medical care, and in CB.VII as a meeting place for the anti-war protestors. Xeaphon and Corporal Barbie get locked inside the room by the Eagle in CB.XIV.



The Garden of the house is the first setting in the entire series, being where Bubbles originally crash-lands and abducts Cool Barbie in CB.I. The Garden is used for the exile of criminal toys, although at least under Colin's reign as Regent, these sentences of exile were often temporary and political in nature (CB.IV). Colin and his followers are exiled into the Garden themselves at the end of CB.IV, and in CB.VI set up a base there from which to attempt to assassinate Queen Lucy and Corporal Barbie after having first come under attack from exiles they themselves had previously banished. The Garden is also used for the launching of a rocket to the Moon in CB.V, the unveiling of the reverse-engineered Dalek (and the subsequent riot) in CB.VII, and is home to a Barbie resort of sorts with a swimming pool in CB.III.

Underneath the Garden are the Titans, extremely powerful spirits defeated and imprisoned there by Xeaphon VII. The Garden is therefore site to various attempts to free them in CB.VIII, CB.XII and CB.XIV.


Other Lands

Other "Lands" - that is, human-owned properties inhabited by a community of toys - are seen or referenced during the series.

  • Crepundia, a real-life cultural project between Austenasia and Juclandia, had its fictional origins in CB.VII. Situated in the garage at the bottom of the Garden, Crepundia is an independent Land independent from Xeaphon VII's Land of Plenty, inhabited by protestors dissatisfied with the government Xeaphon established in the house.
  • "Wisealise's Land"; at the end of CB.VII, Wisealise is seen speaking with follows of Colin in some sort of dimly-lit storage area. This was filmed in the loft of the Imperial Residence, but was intended to be in a different house altogether.
  • Ken's Land is mentioned in CB.VIII and CB.IX as being a former home of Xeaphon's family and the toys before they moved to Xeaphon VII's Land of Plenty.


The NETDOF Base is the headquarters of the New Extraterrestrial Defensive Operations Force, an international military defending the world from alien threats. As the workplace of Xeaphon, Ato, and the Supreme Allied Commander, it is featured in CB.I, IX, and X, as well as in the Xeaphon minisode. Scenes set at the NETFOF Base were filmed at St George's Hospital (in CB.IX, the base is said to be located in Tooting, the real life site of the hospital), except for the brief scene in CB.I, where the hospital was only used for the exterior photography and the interior scenes were shot at Carshalton Methodist Church.

Elven lands

Although Cool Barbie mainly takes place in lands inhabited by humans, the fictional world is also shared with a civilization of elves, who inhabit their own continent:

  • A wooded Forest Elf colony within human lands is visited in the Xeaphon minisode, where a Forest Elf presents Xeaphon with the powerful Staff of Forest Elves. The scenes at the Forest Elf colony were filmed on Wimbledon Common.
  • Eren Durdinath is the "citadel" of the Elven Emperor and the site of his palace, where he is visited by Corporal Barbie in CB.X. He describes it as being "aligned perfectly with the magical field of the Earth", and later sends telepathic messages to Corporal Barbie from his palace there in CB.XI and CB.XII. Eren Durdinath is mentioned again in CB.XI, as one of several world capitals Colin plans to annihilate using an enhanced laser cannon. The scenes in the Elven Emperor's palace were filmed at Carshalton Methodist Church; the name "Eren Durdinath" is from an elven city mentioned in the Fighting Fantasy book series.


The first character seen in Cool Barbie is Bubbles the Uranian, and encounters with extraterrestrials are one of the main features of the plotlines of the series.


Uranus itself is not seen (other than a representation seen on a radar screen in CB.X), but has been mentioned several times throughout the series. The main antagonist of the first three episodes, Bubbles, is Champion of Uranus, a title which indicates that he is a military leader of some kind, and although he is seen to be under the command of the Uranian General in CB.VIII, his status is clearly shown by the fact that the invasion in said episode was launched solely to retrieve him. Other Uranians featured are the Uranian General's bodyguard in CB.VIII, and the occupant of the Moonbase in CB.V. Uranians are seen to be smaller than many toys, and to have advanced psychic abilities including telekinetic flight and the ability to shoot blasts of energy from their heads. Uranus had bases on Neptune and in the Kuiper Belt which were taken out by the Scourge Armada in CB.X, and had earlier established the Moonbase (see below) to observe Earth.


The Moon is featured in CB.V and CB.VIII. In CB.V., a Spectrum-led expedition investigates a base detected on the Moon, and discovers it to be of Uranian origin. The expedition takes over the base, and leaves two toy astronauts there to maintain it. In CB.VIII, the astronauts detect the incoming Uranian Fleet on its way to Earth and warn the planet before evacuating the Moonbase, which is implied to have fallen back under Uranian control.


In CB.VIII, the Uranian General instructs his ships to fly to Mars for repairs and to refuel after their invasion of Earth. In CB.IX, a Mysteron from Mars arrives on Earth, and informs NETDOF that the Uranians had destroyed the native Martian civilisation, the Malacandrians, and wiped out the other Mysterons, beings which had been programmed to defend the Martian city. Mars itself is not seen in the series.

Scourge homeworld

The home planet of the Scourge, situated in another galaxy, is seen three times in the series: in the Colin minisode, at the end of CB.X, and at the end of CB.XI. All three times, very little is seen other than a relatively featureless floor. In the Colin minisode, Colin and most of his remaining followers teleport to the Scourge homeworld in an attempt to find new allies but are instead attacked on site (one Golden Arrow manages to teleport back to Earth using technology he found in a Scourge laboratory, as revealed in CB.IX). At the end of CB.X, the Scourge Prince swears vengeance on Earth after the Elven Emperor destroys the Scourge Armada, and calls for some prisoners to be brought to him. In CB.XI, it is revealed that these prisoners were Colin and his surviving followers, who are tricked into almost destroying the Earth and themselves; they teleport back to the Scourge homeworld, which is seen for a final time with the Scourge Prince confronting Colin and permitting him a last chance at a Scourge-aided conquest of Earth.