Cool Barbie XIV - The Invasion of the Eagle

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Cool Barbie XIV
The Invasion of the Eagle

Colin addresses his new army.
Written by HIM Emperor Jonathan I
Original air date 9 September 2017
Runtime 11:32
Production code CB.XIV
Episode chronology
Previous Cool Barbie XIII - The Assassin
Next Cool Barbie XV - The Final Battle

Cool Barbie XIV - The Invasion of the Eagle, abbreviated as CB.XIV, is the fourteenth and penultimate episode of Cool Barbie produced by Austenasian Television Productions, and was released on 9 September 2017.


Xeaphon and Corporal Barbie are in the Royal Hospital room following the events of the previous episode. The telephone rings, and Xeaphon answers it to find King Yellow Bear on the line. The King confirms that he has got to safety, and warns Xeaphon that the assassin was a toy spider working for the Eagle. Xeaphon tells Yellow Bear to stay in the public shelter, and puts the phone down. He explains to Corporal Barbie that the Eagle, a former servant of Wisealise, is a toy bird with powerful magic who leads an army of toy animals and has the ability to drain the magical energy of other toys. Corporal Barbie suggests that they can deal with some toy animals, but Xeaphon warns her not to underestimate the danger of parasitical magic.

Hearing a crash, Xeaphon and Corporal Barbie run into another room, where they see the Eagle standing in front of a now open window. The Eagle places a magical forcefield around the barracks of the toys' armies to prevent them from stopping him. Xeaphon pulls out a gun and attempts to shoot the Eagle, but the latter flies away and into the Royal Hospital room. Xeaphon and Corporal Barbie give chase, but once they are inside the Royal Hospital room, the Eagle flies out again and magically locks the door behind him, trapping them inside. Corporal Barbie laments that the toys are defenceless now that they are without a military, government, Guardian, or Spectrum agent, but Xeaphon reminds her that he had mobilized some troops to defend the Cryogenic Research Prison.

Downstairs, the Eagle's army has entered the house. The Eagle instructs his army to begin the invasion while he talks with their "guide": the Troll Leader. The Troll Leader informs the Eagle that he had received a vision from Colin, sent from inside the Cryogenic Research Prison, and suggests that the Eagle free Colin so that he can drain his magical power.

The Eagle's army attacks the Cryogenic Research Prison and kills the soldiers guarding it, helped by the Troll Leader's magic and by the Eagle casting a spell which disables the soldiers' guns. The freezer is opened, and Colin and his followers emerge, with Colin greeting the Troll Leader and introducing himself to the Eagle. The Eagle lets go of the goat and flies at Colin, grasping him around the back of the neck and draining his power. Surprised at just how much magical power Colin has, the latter reveals that it was from Kronos, whose magic is also parasitical. With this ability, he is able to overpower the Eagle and drain his magic instead, defeating him and locking him inside the freezer; the Troll Leader refuses to help the Eagle, and reveals that his plan was to give the Eagle's magic to Colin all along.

With the magic of the Eagle - and that given to him by Kronos and drained from the Thunder Stone - Colin claims leadership of the Eagle's army, nonchalantly throwing across the room with a wave of his hand a toy tiger who refuses to follow him.

Back in the Royal Hospital room, Xeaphon realizes that the door isn't just locked but moulded shut by a forcefield. Corporal Barbie suggests that they escape through the window, but Xeaphon dismisses the idea, as they are too high up.

Meanwhile, Colin, the Troll Leader and the Golden Arrow are in the Garden. Colin takes them to the tomb of the Hill Prince, a great magical toy warrior. He announces that he will drain whatever power of the Hill Prince remains, and the Troll Leader opens the tomb.

On the other side of the Garden, the other Troll is with the Eagle's army, and renames them to Colin's Army. Colin flies across the Garden and meets them, announcing that he has drained the power of the Hill Prince, which together with that of the Eagle and Thunder Stone makes him the most powerful toy in history. With a blast of magic, he opens the prison entrance of Kronos, once more freeing the Titan.

Kronos greets Colin and enquires as to whether the Thunder Stone has been destroyed. Colin informs him that he has drained its power, along with that of two other powerful sources. Kronos instructs him to give him the power of the Thunder Stone, to which Colin refuses. The two battle in a fight which ends with Kronos on the ground, and Colin nowhere to be seen. Standing up, the Spider hails Kronos as victor, but is called a traitor. "Kronos" reveals that he is actually Colin, having possessed the body and acquired all the power of the Titan.

Disgusted with the Spider's shifting loyalties between the Eagle, Colin, and who he thought was Kronos, Colin sentences him to die, but the Spider begs to be allowed to serve him. Colin announces that he no longer needs servants; with the combined power of Kronos, the Thunder Stone, the Hill Prince and the Eagle, he has "become a god", with more magical power than anyone else in the history of the world. He announces that from now on he shall be known as Dominus, and declares that he shall commence a conquest of Earth...

Continuity notes

  • King Yellow Bear tells Xeaphon that he believes the Spider to be of the same species as that which Captain Scarlet morphed into at the end of CB.II (2009); indeed, the same prop was used.
  • At 01:56, the flag of Wildflower Meadows can very briefly be seen if the episode is paused just as the Eagle flies out of the room.
  • The Troll Leader had last been seen in the Colin minisode (2015), in which he was given a secret task to perform; presumably to recruit the Eagle's army.
  • When the Eagle's army hails Colin as their new leader for the first time, the Tiger can be seen amongst them, despite Colin having just blasted him across the room for refusing to submit to him.
  • While Dominus is berating the Spider, Colin's body can briefly be seen on the lawn.


The majority of scenes were filmed alongside those for CB.XIII, in August 2017. The scenes involving Kronos/Dominus were filmed on the same day as those filmed for CB.XII, 26 July 2017.

The props used for the Eagle and his army of toy animals were formerly owned by HIH Emperor Grandmother Joyce, to be played with by her grandchildren when they visited. Upon her moving house in October 2012, the toy animals were given to the then Crown Prince Jonathan and Princess Caroline, who decided to give them a role in Cool Barbie.