UP2 (Urabba Parks)

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The UP2 range, also known as Urabba Front Yard or simply Frontyard, is a range of Urabba Street Reserve that borders 2 and 6 Urabba Street, Rankins Springs and UP1.

Jurisdictional and administrative divisions

The entirety of the UP2 range sits within Urabba Street Reserve in the Campus of Rankins Springs in the Flandrensian Ecological County of New Eurabba.

Head sculpture on top of an oil drum
Urabbaparcensian border, Urabba Street, UP2

Postal administration

The UP2 range is located at the part of Urabba Parks that faces Urabba Street, Rankins Springs, the only route to Urabba Parks accessible by ordinary road vehicles. The micronational highway of Urabba Parks runs through UP2 as Goolgowi Street.

List of postcode districts

The approximate coverage of the postcode districts, with the historic postal district names shown in italics:

Postcode district Post town Coverage Local authority area(s)
2669 UP2A RANKINS SPRINGS The first 5 x 15 metre lot facing Urabba Street Campus of Rankins Springs
2669 UP2B The second 5 x 15 metre lot facing Urabba Street
2669 UP2C The third 5 x 15 metre lot facing Urabba Street
2669 UP2D Goolgowi Street, in between the lots and 6 Urabba Street
2669 UP2E Park Square, an area behind the lots facing Urabba Street used as a car parking space

Area and boundaries

The UP2 range comprises approximately 25% of the territory of Urabba Parks (327.5 metres). The area is bounded by Urabba Street to the west, 2 Urabba Street to the south, 6 Urabba Street to the north and the bush between Urabba Square in UP1 and Park Square to the east.[1]


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