Local government in Urabba Parks

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Campus governments of Urabba Parks are local governments of Urabba Parks, the third tier below the Corporate Urabbaparcensian Government and the governments of jurisdictional divisions of Urabba Parks.

Recognition in the Constitution

Section 111 of the Constitution of Urabba Parks mentions municipal districts and campus governments.[Constitution 1]

List of campus governments

Urabba Parks currently has one designated municipal district, Rankins Springs in the New Eurabba region.

Municipal districts of Urabba Parks Proprietary Limited
Municipal district Date established Land area

(September 2023)


(September 2023)

Council seat Map
Corporate Demesne of Urabba Parks (and applicable areas under the Corporate Ordinances Act 2022)
Unincorporated area 1 Registered office
Flandrensian Ecological County of New Eurabba (Ward B of Carrathool Shire, New South Wales)
Rankins Springs, Campus of 5 March 2021 (2021-03-05) 3,335 m2 (35,900 sq ft) Urabba Square

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