Sports Administration of Græcia

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Sports Administration of Græcia
Ἀθλητική Διοίκησις τῆς Γραικίας
(Aþlītikí Ðiíkisis tī̃s Ğrekías)
Шпортьско Въправлієньє Грѣкійъі
(Šport'sko Věpravljenje Ħrækijî)
Logo of the Sports Administration of Græcia.png
CountryGræcia Flag of the Governorate of Græcia.png
SportsFootball pictogram.png Football
Basketball pictogram.png Basketball
Volleyball (indoor) pictogram.png Volleyball
Electronic sports pictogram.png eSports
Backgammon pictogram.png Græcian Rules Tavli
AbbreviationInternational: SAG
Hellenic: ΑΔΓ
Neoclassical Latin: ALG
South Ruthenian: ШВГ
Founded25 September 2020 AD
Regional affiliationn/a
HeadquartersHagia Aikaterini, Græcia
General SecretaryIoannis Kornaros
ChairmanQuintus De Vitaliis
Board MembersIoannis Tarpinidis
Vasileios Cholevas
Filothei Karagiorgi
Kallirroï Baxevanidou
Evangelos Santorinios
Themistoklis Kalogiannis
Chief ExecNikolaos Vemmos
Vice president(s)Athinodoros Sklavenitis
Iosif Vasilopoulos
Xenofon Kritikos
Anastasia Skoula
DirectorGerasimos Papadopoulos
SecretaryStefania Germanou
InterpreterAspasia Stavropoulou
Operating incomen/a

The Sports Administration of Græcia (SAG) is the governing body of sports in Græcia. It organises men's sports competitions, as well as the micronational representations of boroughs and the microstate. It is based in the borough of Hagia Aikaterini.


The Sports Administration of Græcia (SAG) was founded on the 25th of December 2020 AD as the Temporary Sports Administration of Græcia (TSAG) by a decision of the then Provisional Government of Græcia. Its foundation marked the organisation of Græcian competitive sports.

The SAG is considered a government-run legal entity. It is the only exclusively qualified body in Græcia to represent the interests of Græcian competitive sports.

Although the SAG is not a member of any international organisation, being appointed as a member at least in micronational sports confederations is one of the government's primary goals in the field of sports.


  • 2020: Foundation of the Sports Administration of Græcia


Organisational Structure

The SAG is the supreme sports authority, the one that all the clubs come under and forms the top of the pyramid. The General Secretary is the head of the SAG.

The General Church, convening once a year, is actually the SAG parliament. It is the Church that, according to the Statutes, decides on everything about Græcian sports. They can change the Statutes and the regulations of the Administration, enforce new ones, audit the financial review for the previous fiscal year and the budget for the year to come, vote (every four years) and monitor the General Secretariat's work.


The divisions of the SAG are: the Football Division, the Basketball Division, the Volleyball Division, the eSports Division, and the Græcian Rules Tavli Division. Apart from these, the governing divisions of the SAG are: the Management division, the Fiscal division, the International Relations division, and the Media division.


The SAG is responsible for the organisation of the following competitions:



Græcia national football team


Græcia national basketball team


Græcia national volleyball team


Græcia national esports team

Græcian Rules Tavli

Græcia national tavli team






Græcian Rules Tavli

SAG General Secretaries

Below are the General Secretaries of the SAG:

Name Years
Ioannis Kornaros 2020–