President of the Union Assembly (New Capanesia)

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Union Assembly Of
New Capanesia
Parliament Union Assembly
Piya Daengja

since 10 Jan 2022
Term lengthUnlimited renewal period
Inaugural holderPiya Daengja
Formation1 August 2021
Parliament Union Assembly of New Capanesia
Conclave's logo
Term limits
Unlimited renewal period
Founded25 August 2021
Speaker of the House of Representatives
Chairman of the Council of State Advisors
Lily Fleming (PPP)
Leader of the Opposition
Political groups
Government (8)
  •   Glorious Capa Party(3)
  •   Capa Democratic Party (2)
  •  People's Labor Party(3)

Opposition (2)

  •  New Social Party(1)
  •  People's Progress Party(1)
AuthorityConstitution New Capanesia 2021(Old)
Constitution New Capanesia 2022
(New Draft)
Meeting place
Parliament Union Assembly Capital New Capanesia

Union Assembly The Union Assembly is like another political system with strategic options, the main political pillars of this country. plays an important role in the affairs of country and politics which is a high-level and strict management of various laws And the House of Commons has presented the legislature with many matters that he has set up to use in the next election vote. One should find content that has a high level of his law and that includes the laws that are considered constitutional. Go under the supervision of the government in the next new era in the future that will be moving forward with maximum strength soon.


The Union Assembly was established on 15 Aug 2021. After the State Assembly ended on August 14, 2021 which is the old assembly that has been deprecated and started over Then there has been a change in a new model that is more understandable to others until now is fully in the duty of country, political and strategic matters of people with equal knowledge and Finding each other is always easier. and legal matters that are prescribed for daily use It is quite complete enough to begin stating the many rules that he had established through him, he has his own responsibility for the status of a person both internally and externally. But The Union Assembly Can't interfere in internal affairs because he had a law that was many times more severe than that of the Soviet Union. Including the power of the law that is serious about political rules and the rules of the country. Including the power of the law that is serious about political rules and the rules of the country.

Photo Born Past and Current working position Party
23 October 2004 (2004-10-23) (age 19) 15/8/2021 - 8/1/2022
(4 months 24 days)
First term
25 May 2000 - 2022 (Age 22)
(Death on 24 December being electrocuted unconscious)
8 Jan - 10 Feb 2022 (33 Day)
23 October 2004 (2004-10-23) (age 19) 10 February 2022 (2 years ago) (2022-02-10)
Second term