Oravian pelota

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The Oravian pelota is a specific kind of pelota played in Baránok.

Oravian pelota
Players in a match2
First match2019
Governing bodyWorld Association of Oravian pelota
Countries Oravian pelota is played in


The origin of the name is from the name of a region in Slovakia, Orava, where it was first played.


The first match of Oravian pelota was played in 2019 by T.L. and Imrich Kvajda. These two founded the sport.


The rules are very simple. The pelota is played on a small pitch in shape of a square with 2 players. You need to hit the ball against a wall, but if you hit it twice in a row, your opponent gets a point. He/She also gets it when the ball you hit flies out of the pitch.

Pitch of the Oravian pelota, in grey is the wall, in white the pitch