New American Empire

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New American Empire
Motto: From the ashes
CapitalChillicothe Oh
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentConstitutional Empire
• King-Emperor
Leonardo Watkins
• Head Advisor
Michael Silket
LegislatureElder Council
EstablishmentMay 6, 2021
• Census
CurrencyImperial dollar
Time zone(EST)

The American empire, also known as the New American Empire, was founded on May 6, 2021 by Leonardo Watkins starting out as a group of friends who wished for a better life in America


due to the shakey future of America, the friends came together to form a new country, if the country they loved was willing to destroy its self in the pursuit of its own greed, then, then wanted to be as far away from that mess as possible. In november of 2021 the Constitution[1] was drafted and, the country came together in one celebration to pass the Constitution[1] into law. Since then Empire has been on the uptick in momentum.


The government is called a constitutional monarchy, and is run by an elder council.

Haskarian Elder Council

House of royals Senate House of Assembly High courts
Emperor + Head Advisor 5 Senators 10 Commans 10 Royal Judges

Current alliances and treaties


Adopted Conventions

Mutual recognition

Below is a list of all nations that recognize the sovereignty of the Empire and are also recognized as sovereign by the New American Empire.

Climate & Geography

The climate of the American Empire is an American mid-Western climate. It sometimes has cold winters and hot summers are pretty temperate.

Values and culture

The culture is based on anti-war and true peace, honor, liberty, self-respect, respect of others, loyalty, and courage.

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