Kopernikan State

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Kopernikan State
Państwo Kopernickie
Coat of arms
"Lux in tenebris"
Location of Kopernik
Largest cityAmboune
Official languages
GovernmentUnitary Dominant-party system under an authoritarian dictatorship
Dylan Falkenhausen
LegislatureZgromadzenie Narodowe
14 June 2021
• Current authoritarian regime
1 August 2021
• Total
15.5 km2 (6.0 sq mi)
• Estimate
<20 citizens (2021)
HDI (2021) 0.880
very high
CurrencyZłoty (PLN)
Time zoneCET (UTC+1)
• Summer (DST)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy (CE)
Drives on theright

Kopernik, officially the Kopernikan State (Polish: Państwo Kopernickie) is a self-declared enclaved independent state with little or no international recognition, and is commonly referred to as micronation by external observers. Kopernik is located in Eastern Europe, sits on the Silesian Upland, and have border with Poland, Kingdom of Grzibowitz, Duchy of Northern Maciejov and Duchy of Anaszacht. The total land area of the nation is 15,5 square kilometres. The capital is Arkazja, being located in Province of Arkazja. The largest city, however, is Amboune, which is located in Province of Amboune. The nation is formed out of 4 provinces. Kopernik is the leading nation of the Kopernikan Empire.


'Kopernik' is a surname of famous astronomer Mikołaj Kopernik, the patron of the housing estate from which Kopernikan State derives.


Slavic Kingdom of Cigarettes and Beer

First Kopernik nation was Slavic Kingdom of Cigarettes and Beer (SKCB), founded by Jan Dylan III on 13 June 2019. SKCB had 3 citizens, a constitution, and a tax system. Kingdom money was spent on cigarettes for all citizens. However, the leftist idea of relocating money did not please the citizens, which led to the overthrow of the king on August 2019 and the end of SKCB.

Kingdom of Western Zabrze

Flag of the Kingdom of Western Zabrze (2020)
Propaganda poster from the period of the Kopernik-Witkoland War

On April 2020, Jan Dylan III founded the Kingdom of Western Zabrze (KWZ). KWZ had 7 citizens, a constitution, anthem, a physical flag made of old t-shirts, a website, no taxes and a small army (3 soldiers). There was even a war with other micronation, United Witkoland Empire. The country was dissolved on 28 June 2020 due to inactivity and lack of ideas.

New Kopernik Empire

Jan Dylan III on 14 June 2021 founded the New Kopernik Empire as an absolute monarchy, but on 23.06.2021 he changed government type to constitutional monarchy, and appointed the Ministry of War and the Ministry of Justice, and started writing a constitution. He also changed coat of arms, anthem, and created an administrative division.

Federal Republic of Kopernik

29.06.2021 is date of federal revolution- Jan Dylan III changed government type again, and created Federal Republic of Kopernik, with an administrative division of 5 states. Ministries have been removed, Senate (all 5 governors of states) have been created, constitution and coat of arms have been changed.

Socialist FR of Kopernik

8.07.2021- Communist Party has a majority in the Senate. In the Senate, the name change poll appears, and the name is changed to Socialist Federal Republic of Kopernik. Dylan Voronin (Jan Dylan III) is still the president, Xares becomes vice-president, and the country is officially socialist, communist etc
13.07.2021- States became oblasts, governors became General Secretaries, president became First Secretary of SFRK

Kopernikan State

1.08.2021- Communist Party changed ideologies and name to Feniks Odrodzenia Kopernika. It's the start of nationalist authoritarian regime, First Secretary becomes the Dictator, Deputy Secretary becomes Prime Minister, and oblasts becomes Provinces. Anaszacht gain status of Province, name of country is changed to Kopernikan State, Brzustov Okrug becomes Kopernikan Brzustov- colony of Kopernik.
4.08.2021- Claim on Anaszacht's being cancelled, and territory of Samarengrad province is added to territory of Arkazja province
8.08.2021- Brzustov becomes a puppet state of Kopernik, and Kopernikan Empire is created with Kopernikan State as leading nation

Politics and government


The legislature of the Kopernikan State is the Zgromadzenie Narodowe, a five-member unicameral house.

Political parties

Political parties in the Kopernikan State
Party Logo Party Flag Party Leader Ideology(s) Classification Parliament
Feniks Odrodzenia Kopernika
Dylan Falkenhausen
4 / 5
National Monarchist Union
1 / 5


The Kopernikan Armed Forces are the military of the Kopernikan State, administrated and partially funded by the Caudillo of Kopernik

Foreign relations

Organisations, group treaties and conventions

Kopernik is a member of several organisations:

Name Date of joining
Augusta Accord Logo.svg Augusta Accord 27.06.2021 (signatory)
LINLogo.svg League of Independent Nations 27.06.2021 (provisional member)

Kopernik was a member of:

Name Date of joining Date of leaving
EUM UME1.png European Union of Micronations 16.06.2021 29.06.2021
Progressive Association2.png Progressive Association 17.06.2021 27.06.2021
Union Against Micronational War logo.png Union Against Micronational War 16.06.2021 09.07.2021
Cruzazul.jpg Blue Cross 17.06.2021 01.08.2021
Eamaflag.png Euro-American Micronational Alliance 30.06.2021 (founder) 02.08.2021


Full foreign relations; treaties signed

Recognized states; no diplomatic relations

Recognition refused

Administrative division

Lists of all Kopernikan provinces:

Provinces of Kopernikan State
Flag Name Region Capital Anthem Area President
Northernarkazjaflag.png Arkazja North-East Arkazja 5.42 km² Dylan Falkenhausen
Feniks Odrodzenia Kopernika
Southarkazjaflag.png Orlograd South-East Orlograd 3.69 km² Bimbosz Rambołowicz
Feniks Odrodzenia Kopernika
Waf.png Amboune West Amboune 4.00 km² Xares
National Monarchist Union
Newshalshaflag.png Shalsha West Shalsha 2.40 km² Anton
Feniks Odrodzenia Kopernika


National holidays

Date Name of the event Description
1 January New Year's Day The first day of the year on the modern Gregorian calendar.
12 April National Flag day Celebrating the flag of the Kopernikan State.
14 June National Independence Day Annual event celebrated to commemorate the independence of the nation from Poland on 14 June 2021.
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