Kopernikan Empire

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Kopernikan Empire
Flag of the Kopernikan Empire
Coat of Arms of Kopernikan State

Capital cityArkazja
Official language(s)Polish, English
- EmperorDylan Falkenhausen
Established8 August 2021

The Kopernikan Empire, is an Empire and Commonwealth led by the Kopernikan State in which all member states have Dylan Falkenhausen as the head of state.


The Kopernikan Empire was founded on 8 August 2021 and the founding members were the Kopernikan State and the Brzustovian Kingdom.


Name Date of joining
Nkeflag.png Kopernikan State 8 August 2021
Firelanddpd.jpg Brzustovian Kingdom 8 August 2021
Duchyofanaszacht.png Duchy of Anaszacht 9 August 2021
Northernmaciejov.png Duchy of Northern Maciejov 9 August 2021