Kopernikan-Grzibowitzan War

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Kopernikan - Grzibowitzan War
Date20.01.2022- 04.02.2022
Result truce
Nkeflag.png Kopernikan People's Republic
Micultchusemilitaryflag.png Micultchuse Military State
FlagaStanicy.jpg Socialist Republic of Stanica
Grzibowitz2.png Kingdom of Grzibowitz
Commanders and leaders
Nkeflag.png Dylan Falkenhausen
Nkeflag.png Anton
FlagaStanicy.jpg Bimbosz Rambołowicz
Grzibowitz2.png Xares

Kopernikan-Grzibowitzan War, also called The Micultchuse War was a war between Kopernikan People's Republic and Kingdom of Grzibowitz over control of Micultchuse region, where Micultchuse Military State was created.