Arkazjan Crusade

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Arkazjan-Grzibowitzan War
Result Arkazjan victory
Republicofarkazja.png Republic of Arkazja Grzibowitz2.png Kingdom of Grzibowitz
Commanders and leaders
Republicofarkazja.png Natt Falkenhausen
Republicofarkazja.png Sikalafa
Republicofarkazja.png Bimbosz Rambołowicz
Grzibowitz2.png Xares
Units involved
Arkazjan Armed Forces -
3 soldiers 1 soldier
Casualties and losses
no casualties heavy

The Arkazjan Crusade (26 March 2022) (Polish: Krucjata Arkazjańska), also known as the Invasion of Grzibowitz (Polish: Inwazja Grzybowic) was an attack on the Kingdom of Grzibowitz by the Republic of Arkazja. The campaign ended on the same day with Arkazja dividing the Grzibowitz under the terms of the Arpolis Treaty and creating puppet state Duchy of Grzibowitz