List of post-nominal letters (Vishwamitra)

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Federal orders

Order Office Post-nominal
Royal Family Order of Vishwamitra Royal Knight or Dame with Collar KV/LV
Royal Knight or Dame
Stranger Knight or Dame SKV/SLV
Order of the Lotus Grand Collar GColL
Grand Cross GCL
Commander ComL
Order of the Sanghamitra Knight or Dame KOS/DOS
Order of Mahabali Karthika Padaka Grand Commander GCKP
Commander First Class C1KP
Commander Second Class C2KP
Commander CKP
Member MKP
Royal Order of the Crown of Vishwamitra Knight or Dame Grand Cordon GCC
Knight or Dame Grand Cross KGC/DGC
Grand Commander GOC
Commander COC
Order of the Vishwamitra Knight or Dame Grand Cordon KGV
Knight or Dame Grand Cross GCV
Honorary Knight or Dame Grand Cross
Order of Diplomatic Service Merit Member Special Class MDS
Member First Class M1DS
Member Second Class M2DS
Order of the First Ladies Royal Lady LFL
Lady Companion
Order for Merit and Public Service Companion CMP

Provincial orders

Order Office Post-nominal
Royal Family Order of Purvanchal Grand Knight or Dame GKOP
Grand Commander GCOP
Order of the Crown of Purvanchal Grand Commander GCCP
Premier and Exalted Order of Kamrupa Commander Grand Cross CGOK
Commander Grand Knight or Dame CKOK
Commander COK
Order of the State of Kamrupa Knight Grand Cross KGCK