Estonian sector

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Estonian sector
General information
Nations in area
8 active micronations
Organisations in area
2 organisations including Estonia
Notable people in areaSander II of Revalia
Johannes I of Slitronia

Estonian sector (Estonian: Eesti sektor) is a term used to refer to micronations that are fully or partially located inside Estonia. The sector contains every micronation that is or has had territory inside Estonia.


Kalian-Estonian SR Conflict

The Kalian-Estonian SR Conflict was a series of confrontations and escalating tensions between the Estonian Republic of Kali and the Estonian Socialist Republic, taking place from 5 November to 21 November 2022.

The conflict originated from a conversation initiated by Kert Tamme, the former foreign minister of the Estonian Republic of Kali. Due to a misunderstanding, the discussion unexpectedly shifted toward the topic of war, leading to a nine-hour conflict. This conflict was resolved through a proposed peace treaty initiated by Kalia's State Elder, Koit Tamme.

However, tensions continued, leading to subsequent phases of conflict. In the second phase, there were alleged renewed mobilization efforts by the Estonian Socialist Republic against Kalia, despite a previous peace treaty. Attempts to resolve the conflict peacefully were reportedly met with resistance, culminating in another peace offer from Kalia, which was eventually accepted.

Tensions escalated further in the third phase, once again allegedly provoked by the Estonian Socialist Republic, prompting Kalia to consider declaring war. An emergency meeting attempted to find a resolution, resulting in a peace agreement. However, it's alleged that the Estonian Socialist Republic did not honour their commitment, leading Kalia to modify the treaty, ultimately resulting in the signing of an armistice on November 21st, effectively concluding the conflict.

Kalian-Travaman-Slitronian Conflict

The Kalian-Travaman-Slitronian Conflict was a diplomatic conflict between the Estonian Republic of Kali, Estonian Travaman Repulbic and Great Kingdom of Slitronia, which took place from 27 September to 11 October 2023.

The conflict began, when Karl-Kristjan Sirel, a former state elder of Kalia, contacted Travaman and Slitronia, declaring war on them. Subsequent diplomatic manoeuvres, including the revocation of treaties and the formation of alliances, followed. Johannes I, the Great King of Slitronia, engaged in discussions with Kalia's High Elder, Koit Tamme, emphasizing the need for a preventive system against future hostilities. The conflict's resolution came about through diplomatic efforts, culminating in the signing of a peace treaty on November 11th by representatives from Kalia, Travaman, and Slitronia.

List of micronations in the Estonian sector

Active micronations

Flag Coat of Arms Name Estonian name Year founded Counties in Estonia Capital Government Notes
Kingdom of Torgu Torgu Kuningriik 1992 Saare Iide Democratic monarchy The oldest micronation in Estonia
Empire of Austenasia Austenaasia Keisririik 2008 Harju Wrythe Constitutional parliamentary monarchy The town of Oppidum Tubae is located in Estonia
Empire of Kapreburg Kapreburgi Keisririik 2018 Lääne-Viru Charriotsville Unitary absolute monarchy The Territory of Vaindloo is located in Estonia
Great Kingdom of Slitronia Slitroonia Suurkuningriik 2020 Harju, Hiiu, Lääne-Viru Parva Navale Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Estonian Travaman Republic Eesti Travamani Vabariik 2020 Jõgeva Travaktonia Unitary parliamentary republic
Revalian Kingdom Revala Kuningriik 2020 Harju, Lääne-Viru, Viljandi Trumpetburgh Constitutional monarchy
Dominion of Kalerenia Kalereenia Dominioon 2022 Ida-Viru Ivanova Federal Dynasty
Estonian Republic of Kali Eesti Kaljavabariik 2022 Harju Kõivu Unitary Kertsist Presidential Semi-Parliamentary Republic under an Authoritarian Dictatorship
Republic of Kelko Kelko Vabariik 2022[Note 1] Harju Kelma Democratic republic

Inactive micronations

Flag Coat of Arms Name Estonian Name Year founded Counties in Estonia Capital Government Notes
Consulate of Jovak Helm Jovak Helmi Konsulaat 2009 Saare Unknown Consulate
Democratic Empire of Gothiva Gothiva Demokraatlik Impeerium 2020 Unknown Sanska Republican empire
Republic of Castarctica Kastarktika Vabariik 2021 Ida-Viru Unknown One-party republic
United Republic of Azfat and Azeria Azfati ja Azeeria Ühendvabariik 2021 Unknown Paikpara, Tulisk Socialist republican
Countries of Dorpat[Note 2] Dorpati Riigid 2021 Tartu N/A N/A[Note 3]
Kingdom of Estonia Eesti Kuningriik 2022 Harju Koogi Authoritarian Nationalist Monarchy

Dissolved micronations

Flag Coat of Arms Name Estonian Name Year founded Year dissolved Counties in Estonia Capital Government Notes
Republic of NZRE NZRE Vabariik 2016 2022 Harju Zulus Unknown Dormant since 25 February 2022.[1] The city of Sathipe was located in Estonia.
Republic of Elves Päkapikkude Vabariik 2019[Note 4] Unknown N/A[Note 5] None Unknown
Steve™ Kingdom Steve™ Kuningriik 2021 Harju, Lääne-Viru Sandberg Constitutional monarchy Became the Principality of Handme, a subdivision of Revalia.
Kivtonia 2021 Tartu Tarolor Semi-presidential republic

Notes & references


  1. Three dates, 2018, 2019 and 2022 are given on Kelko's MicroWiki page. The date 2022 was chosen as it was the newest.
  2. Grouped together as there have been very many name changes/different successors throughout their existence
  3. Mostly socialist states
  4. On their MicroWiki page it is stated, that the Republic existed as far back as 2016, just not as a micronation
  5. Persumably Harju county, as it is stated on their MicroWiki page, that the Republic claimed territories in the northern county. Also, the Steve™ Kingdom, which was founded by a member of the Republic was located in Harju county.


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