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Official languagesEstonian and English
GovernmentSemi-presidential Republic
• President
• Prime Minister
Esty Carpentieri
• Senate Speaker
Establishment19 October 2021
• Census
10 citizens
Time zoneUTC+2 (UTC+3 in summer

Kivtonia was micronation located in Northern Europe. It bordered with Estonia and its capital was Tarolor. Kivtonia was a presidential republic.


not much is known about the etymology of Kivtonia, except the first half of the word. The letters Kiv were an abbreviation of Kivimees, the nickname of President Wiljem I. The name of the nation was official announced by Mo I, one of the three co-founders, after an etymology research was done.


Kivtonia was established on 19 October 2021, by President Wiljem I, Mo I, Emperor of Rovia, and Esty Carpentieri.

The Day of Lies.

On March 26, President Wiljem I announced that the kivtonian nation had united with the Sovereign Municipality of Ameristralia, although nor Prime Minister Esty Carpentieri or anyone from the government had even been asked to participate in the talks of uniting, which lead senate speaker Mo I to coin this as '' the day of lies in kivtonian history.

Mo I then revoked his Ameristralian citizenship after president wiljem had announced that all kivtonian citizens would be automatically considered Ameristralian.


Kivtonia is split into two states, both bordering the country of Estonia

The state of Tarlor is flat, open land that mostly holds the products of the country. The state of Heamare is an un-touched forest that is teeming with unspoiled goods, and many lush greenery.

State Location Temperature
Tarlor Borders Tartu, Estonia Mild.
Heamare Borders Tartu, Estonia Cold.


Kivtonia is republic, with a president as it's ruler, and a senate as it's legislature. The first Prime Minister elections occurred in the country, with 4 parties participating.

The left wing party called The Progressive Party, lead by leader Esty Carpentieri, won the elections, with Kunigo Party, a right wing party, coming in second place.


The Kivtonian Bank currently accepts the Estonian currency for all kinds of monetary business, as of now, there is no national currency.


The Kivtonian culture is currently a mix of Estonian and Nordic culture, that also shares cultures of The Pinangese Republic and The Greater Rovian Empire, who are seen by the Kivtonian people as their allies.