Consulate of Jovak Helm

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The Consulate of Jovak Helm

Motto: One Voice, the World Over

National Anthem: Salute to the Sky and Yonder

Official language



Jovak Helmet




15 February 2009 (0 J.H.)


883 km²


Agattu Island, Ruhnu, Llancanelo Lagoon, Dixons Settlement





Heads of State

Consuls Max W and Julian D

The Consulate of Jovak Helm is a micronation divided into four realms. These realms are Agattu Island, Ruhnu, Llancanelo Lagoon, and Dixons Settlement. Jovak Helm is ruled by two Supreme Consuls who wield equal authority and power. The nation's primary goals are to solve problems, to preserve natural environments, to protect the civil rights of humans, and to respect the spirit of freedom.


Jovak Helm allows for its citizens to determine their own lifestyles in a way unmatched by many micronations. For instance, the realm of Llancanelo Lagoon consists only of the surface of a lagoon surrounded by Argentina. The most adventurous citizens choose to represent Llancanelo, as the lagoon offers an aquatic culture radically different from typical terrestrial living. Dixons Settlement, the most recently annexed realm, is the economic capital of the nation; its sunny equatorial shores offer a pleasant atmosphere for its inhabitants. Agattu Island is renowned for its reserves of rare birds; it is now considered a haven for Jovak Helmet ornithologists as well. Ruhnu boasts a large indigenous population and offers close access to civilization, thanks to its location off of the coast of Estonia. Truly, Jovak Helm can offer an experience to anyone which suits their micronational needs.

The culture of Jovak Helm is most vividly celebrated on its holidays. These are Ratification Day, Independence Night, Norton Day, and the two Consul Days. Holidays are often celebrated in some way involving copious amounts of chocolate.

Jovak Helm awards several types of Orders of Chivalry, in the medieval tradition. These are the Most Celebrated Order of the Azure Ptarmigan, the Most Excellent Order of the Co-Consulate of Jovak Helm, and the Orders of Angatux, Runo and Malargue.

The state religion is Discordianism. Deism is the second most commonly practiced faith, although a recent national debate discussed whether Deism can even be considered a true religion. There is also an established Atheist Church within each realm. However, almost the entire population is ethnically Jewish. There is also a small Animistic cult headed by citizen Zhao.


Citizens of Jovak Helm are very much in tune with its natural environment. In fact, the preservation of natural environments was an original goal of Jovak Helm, as described in its Declaration of Independence. Due to Jovak Helm's diverse and scattered array of territories, it is very difficult to draw general conclusions about its ecology. For the most part, Jovak Helm is uninhabited. It has approximately 100 indigenous humans living on its territory. It is volcanic and mountainous in parts. It is treeless, and much like a tundra. It is best described as a wetland. Jovak Helm boasts a sizeable portion of the world’s Red-faced Cormorants and Tufted Puffins. It also houses flamingoes, black-necked swans, and herons. Jovak Helm is a Ramsar Convention site.


Jovak Helm is ruled by two Consuls, or Co-Consuls, who share absolute power. However, the leaders are supported by several ministries. There are ministries devoted to Economy, Diplomacy, State, Philosophy and Culture. Generally, the Ministry of State delegates power to the other ministries and distributes a weekly newsletter to all citizens. The Ministry of Economy is among the most important governmental organizations; it is responsible for paying the ministers' salaries and providing Jovak Helm merchandise to those who want it. The Ministry of Diplomacy conducts international relations; the only war in Jovak Helm's history, the celebrated Occupation of Dixons, was run through the Ministry of Diplomacy. The other governmental employees supplement the running of the nation by organizing philanthropic, philosophical and cultural activities.

Whenever the Supreme Consuls are in disagreement over policy, the government calls a Quorum: a vote among citizens chosen by lottery. Quorums have historically determined national policy regarding the swine flu, diplomacy, salaries, territorial acquisition and illegal immigration. Minister of Diplomacy Rawitz describes the Quorum Process:

"Under the power structure of Jovak Helm, two reign supreme: Co-Consuls for life Max W and Julian D, founding fathers and patriots of Jovak Helm. All power shall begin and end with them, but there exists an in-between point: a quorum of rotating citizens, chosen by the Consuls at random, to be assembled by the Consuls whenever a vote of importance to the function of Jovak Helm or the Constitutional mission statement occurs. The Co-Consuls may hear arguments by Quorum members and must comply by their vote, unless in a case of necessary override or executive veto; however these actions shall be frowned upon and avoided at all costs. In the event of a severe threat, internal or external, to the very existence of the Consulate, the Quorum shall be disbanded and the Consuls granted emergency powers under this Constitution... The Consuls maintain the right to initiate or exile anyone from Jovak Helm without input of the Quorum."


A relatively new nation, Jovak Helm has yet to develop to its full potential as a major player in intermicronational activity. It is a member of the Organisation of Active Micronations (OAM). An informal alliance has been established with the Republic of Molossia. The Kingdom of Ruritania is also an ally, as well as the off-line Island Republic of Nauru (not to be confused with the UN-recognized regime on Nauru). Jovak Helm pursues a policy of diplomacy, rather than aggression, in its affairs; this policy was originally outlined in the Declaration of Governmental Structure (Source Rawitz):

"Jovak Helm promotes good relations with all peaceful, non-state sponsors of terror or extremism. Jovak Helm is closest to the United States, with all members of the Consulate being citizens of that great nation. Jovak Helm shall endeavor to be at peace with the world and its numerous neighbors, a friend to those in need and an enemy to those who must be stopped. Dual citizenship with Jovak Helm and pre-established nations is both possible and welcomed. One is not to be chosen over the other."