Republic of Castarctica

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Republic of Castarctica
Flag of Castarctica
LocationNarva, Estonia
GovernmentOne-party dictatorship
• Leader
Oliver Ivanov
• Founded
23 February 2021

The Republic of Castarctica is a micronation located in Narva, Estonia. It was founded on 23 February 2021[citation needed].


Castarctica was founded by its current leader, Oliver Ivanov, who was given a sum of 23.75 euros and was instructed to "do whatever" with the money. With this sum, Ivanov decided to start a new micronation and subsequently established a dictatorship as its form of governance. The name of the micronation was derived from the name of the first micronation Ivanov came across on the internet, Westarctica.


The Republic of Castarctica is a one-party ruled nation. The current leader, Oliver Ivanov, is the founder of the nation and has served as its ruler since its inception in February 2021.