Department of National Security (DR)

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Dale Republic
Department of National Security
Formed22nd September 2011
JurisdictionDale Republic
HeadquartersWoking City, Woking district
Minister responsibleDanny Clarke
Dale Republic

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Dale Republic


The Department of National Security (DNS) is the Dale government department responsible for implementation of government defence policies of the Dale Republic and is the headquarters of the Dale Self-Defence Forces.

The DNS states that its principal objectives are to defend the Dale Republic and its interests and to strengthen international peace and stability, especially with that of its allies. The DNS also manages day to day running of the self-defence forces, contingency planning and defence procurement.


Founded originally as the Dale Empire Armed Forces for the Kingdom of the Dale Empire and were made up of the Royal Dale Army, Royal Dale Navy, Royal Dale Air Force, Royal Dale Marines and the Royal Dale Aerial Assault Brigade but with the transition from the Kingdom of the Dale Empire to the Dale Republic (Republic of Woking) many sectors of the armed forces such as the Royal Dale Navy and Royal Dale Marines were closed with this transition and the others renamed to the Dale Army, Dale Air Force and the Special Dale Commandos.

The Department of Defence and War was renamed as part of a major restucturing of the Dale Armed Froces, these reforms made it a sef-defence force.

Ministers of National Security

# Name Term in office Party affiliation
Danny Clarke
Oct 22, 2011 — Present
Woking Independence Party
Key Woking Independence Party

Departmental Organisation

The Department of National Security includes a number of organisations:

Top Level Budget holder organisations:

  • Dale Ground Forces Command
  • DAF Air Defence Command
  • Dale Joint Operations Headquarters
  • Dale Military Infrastructure Organisation

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