Dale Self-Defence Forces

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Self-Defence Forces of the Dale Republic
Dale Self-Defence Forces
Flag of Dale Republic.png
Flag of the Dale Republic
FoundedMay 22, 2011
Current formApril 12, 2011
Service branchesArmy
Commander-in-ChiefDanny Clarke
Military age15-55
Active personnel1
Reserve personnel13
Budget2012: DRP £3400
Percent of GDP58% (2012)
Domestic suppliersWoking Defence Systems
Foreign suppliersUnionflag.png United Kingdom
Flag of the United States.svg United States of America
Annual exportsDPRT.png Tiana

The Dale Self-Defence Forces are the collective group of self-defence military branches that creates the dale military the self-defence forces of Dale Republic.

The mission of the Dale Self-Defence Forces, as defined:

  • defend the sovereignty of the country;
  • protect the people of the Dale Republic;
  • secure the territorial integrity of Dale Republic;
  • defend the Dale Republic against external threats and aggression; and
  • be involved in addressing any emergencies, participate in reconstruction activities, and assist in disaster management and relief in accordance with the law.

The Dale Self-Defence Forces is made up as so;

Defcon level

DEFCON 0.png

secrecy Levels

  • Level 4 - Most secret
  • Level 3 - Censor parts before releasing
  • Level 2 - Temporary secret
  • Level 1 - Not secret

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