Dale Republic Police Force

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Dale Republic Police Force
Founded 7 June 2011
Country Dale Republic
Size 3 officers
Part of Dale Armed Forces
partrol areas
  • Woking
  • Kingfield
  • Horsell
Motto Being safe today is being safer tomorrow
Lieutenant Officer Of Woking Danny Clarke
Lieutenant Officer Of Kingfield Confidential
Lieutenant Officer Of Horsell Confidential

The Dale Republic Police Force (DRPF) is the official police force for the Dale Republic which polices all areas of the Dale Republic, with each of the three dale districts being under the authority of the three lieutenant officers.

London Riots

Even though the london riots were located mainly in london the former king, King Danny decided to put all Dale police in the former capital, Dale City on alert. This is because Greater London is only 30 minuts away from the Dale capital and with the spread of the riots to Birmingham, manchester and Merseyside. On the August 11th with the riots appeared to be over and the former king gave the order for Dale police to stand down as it had appeared to have ended for good.

Dale Riot Police

With the spread of the London riots the former king, King Danny Clarke I decleared that a few Dale police officers would be trained in riot control, These officers became part of the Dale Riot Police (or DRP).

Sea and air capabilities

Police Air Arm

The Police Air Arm (or PAA) is the branch of the Dale Republic Police Force which are made up of rotary and fixed wing aircraft and are used by the dale police to better track suspects. The Police Air Arm uses airfields previously used by the Dale Air Force.

Police Sea Arm

The Police Sea Arm (or PSA) is the branch of the Dale Republic Police Force which are made up of water based craft and are used by the dale police to patrol the Basingstoke canal and other waterways in an alternative method. The Police Sea Arm have do not have any fixed base as the boats used are designed to be deployed where they are needed which allows the Police Sea Arm to avoid any and all locks found on the Basingstoke canal.

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