2011 Schneider Awards

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The logo for the Schneider Awards

The 2011 Schneider Awards was the first edition of the Schneider Awards, a biennual set of awards in recognition of achievements within the MicroWiki community. The awards were run by Aldrich Lucas, with the results being announced on 12 April 2011.


There were eighteen separate awards handed out in the 2011 Schneider Awards, including the five that made up the Schneider Proper. The Schneider Proper consisted of the following awards:

  • Award for Outstanding Contributions
  • Award for Exceptional Diplomacy
  • Award for Cultural Excellence
  • Award for Promoting Peace
  • Award for Propitious Newcomer

The other awards used during the first Schneider Awards are as follows:

  • Award for the Most Popular Micronation
  • Award for the Most Controversial Micronation
  • Award for Handspuppeting
  • Award for Silly Eccentricity
  • Award for the Best Administrator
  • Award for Worst Troll
  • Award for Modesty
  • Award for Most Improved
  • Award for Best Event or Idea
  • Award for Journalism
  • Award for Graphics Design
  • Award for Most Developed Conlang
  • Award for Finest Writing


The Schneider Awards were hosted and organised by Aldrich Lucas and were announced in early April. Honouring micronations and micronationalists from the past year starting from March 2010, the judging panel consisted of Alexander Reinhardt, Niels of Flandrensis, Tom Turner, Parker I and Quentin I of Wyvern.

Winners and nominees

The nomination period began on 17 March and ended on 25 March, though late nominations were accepted. The results were announced by Aldrich Lucas on 12 April.

Outstanding Contributions Exceptional Diplomacy
Cultural Excellence Promoting Peace
Propitious Newcomer Most Popular Micronation
Most Controversial Micronation Handspuppeting
Silly Eccentricity Best Administrator
Worst Troll Modesty
  • Hashvardhan Rawlot (6)
  • Leroy Santiago (1)
Most Improved Best Event or Idea
Journalism Graphics Design
Most Developed Conlang Finest Writing
The following fifteen micronationalists received multiple nominations: The following four micronationalists received multiple awards: