Enlightened Absolutist Republic of Gratisia

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The Kingdom of Gratismansland was declared independent from the USA on October 24, 2010. It became an Enlightened Absolutist Republic on March 5, 2011. It was renamed Gratisia about one week later.

This nation is its own country based on the self-determination clause of the Montevideo Convention and is not a joke or secessionist state.


The Republic currently claims thirteen territories around the world:

  • Azuland - Land owned by the prime minister.
  • Briceland - Sister territory to Azuland.
  • Kongenkammer - King's land and Capital
  • Pics Soeur - Two mountains on the North/South Carolina Border
  • Soon-To-Be Islands - Submerged Pacific islands
  • Skylandia - Floating Landmass
  • Freiantaca - Parts of Antarctica
  • Jupiter - Planet of Jupiter
  • Eutimio de Soto Island - Island in the Mississippi River near La Crosse, Wisconsin


Gratisian government is an Absolutist republic that is run by the Supreme National Guide. The Supreme Guide runs every part of the Gratisian Republic.

The Gratisian Governmental Code can be read here: [1]


The currency used in Gratismansland is the wonderful candy you know as Skittles.

1SKI=1 Yellow skittle=.03USD

1 Yellow=1SKI

1 Orange=10SKI

1 Purple=25SKI

1 Green=50SKI

1 Red=100SKI

There are also paper notes for large amounts of Skittles.


Gratisians are diverse and good people.They commonly are funny and normally are cool.


Gratisians celebrated a few holidays:

1/1- New Year's Day

4/29- Supreme Day-The Guide's Birthday

6/21-Summer Solstice Festival

10/24-Gratisian Day


11/11-Armistice Day-Celebrates cease-fires and Veterans

12/21-Winter Solstice Festival


Other holidays may be celebrated for personal or religious reasons.

Patriotism and Nationalism

Gratisians believe very much in their country's strength and honour. Their love for the king and the country is undying.

Symbols of the Country

National Anthem: Spirit Never Dies-Masterplan

Capital & Oldest City: Kongenkammer

National Language(s): English (official), Danish (Unofficial)

National Currency: Skittle (SKI)

National Tree: Sweetgum

National Bird: Cooper's Hawk

National Mammal: Labrador Retriever

National Reptile: Greek Tortoise

International Relations

Friends of the State

  • Kingdom of Alaska
  • Moderatist Republic of Liberticia

Enemies of the State

  • Ku Klux Klan - Due to being a White Supremacist, Racist, Belligerent, and Far-Right organization full of hate
  • British National Party - Due to being a Far-Right, Violent, Somewhat Racist, and possibly Neo-Nazi political party

Relations can be achieved by emailing therexkeeper@aol.com


National Website