Members of the 2nd Parliament of Atovia

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This is a list of members of the House of Commons of Atovia in the 2nd Atovian Parliament.


Party leaders are italicized. Cabinet ministers are in boldface. The Prime Minister is both with *. The Deputy Prime Minister is both with **. The Speaker is (†). The Deputy Speaker is (‡).


Name Party Constituency
Thomas Bainbridge* New Democratic Theolonia
Vacant (until 14 October 2019) Theolonia
Newton von Uberquie** Left-Green
Erich Thaller Conservative Theolonia
Edward Daniels Libertarian Party Verraland-Sylvana
Stephen Freayth (†) Conservative Götemalmholm

Changes since the September 2019 election

The party standings have changed as follows:

Membership changes

Date Constituency Name Party before Party after Reason
14 October 2019 Theolonia Newton von Uberquie   Vacant   Left-Green Elected in a by-election.


26 September 2019 – Present
Number of members
per party by date
26 Sep 14 Oct
New Democratic 1
Libertarian 1
Conservative 2
Left-Green 0 1
Independent 0
Total Members 4 5
Vacant 1 0