First Alexander Cabinet

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First Munroe Cabinet
1st ministry of State of Pacem
July 2020 - 1 February 2021
Date formed 27 July 2020
Date dissolved 1 February 2021
People and organizations
Head of government Liam Alexander
Head of state Nicholas I (Monarch)
No. of ministers 5
Total no. of ministers 5
Member party Progressive Conservative Party
We Are Anarchy!
Super Shrek Party
Election(s) July 2020
Legislature term(s) 3rd Senate


Portfolio Name Term Party
Ministers of the First Munroe Cabinet
Emperor Nicholas 6 June 2020 Incumbent   We Are Anarchy!
First Minister Liam Alexander 27 July 2020 Incumbent   Progressive Conservative Party
Minister-at-Arms Chase Nanatovich 27 July 2020 Incumbent   We Are Anarchy!
State Minister Connor Stumperth 27 July 2020 Incumbent   We Are Anarchy!
Chancellor Nicholas 27 July 2020 Incumbent   We Are Anarchy!
Defense Minister Leon Montan 27 July 2020 Incumbent   Super Shrek Party