FRBS Gyögiszertár (BAC 1)

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FRBS Gyögiszertár was the flagship of the Baranese Navy and only aircraft carrier of the Federal Republic of Baránok. It was a light aircraft carrier that was commisioned on 8th April 2020.

FRBS Gyögiszertár
Gyögiszertár shortly after commissioning.
Gyögiszertár shortly after commissioning.
Name Gyögiszertár
Namesake Capital city of Baránok
Owner Government of Baránok
Builder The Room Ships
Yard number 01
Commissioned 8th April 2020
Decommisioned 11 November 2020
Fate Scrapped in Naval Scrapyards, 2020
Status Scrapped
Type Aircraft carrier
Length 30.5 cm
Power none
Crew 2



Baranese Navy was originally established as Navy of Połiak-Baránok shortly before dissolution of this country. There were many attempts to build a ship (especially a paper one) to serve in the Navy, but it always ended with heavy damages after tests and all of these were scrapped immediately.


The Navy still wanted a ship, especially an aircraft carrier to expand the Navy. Around 2nd April 2020, the government ordered to build a supercarrier from LEGO. The building lasted around 4 hours. After the building ended on 7th April 2020, the ship was prepared to be tested.

Sinking and rebuild

The aircraft carrier sailed on the "Big Dam". It was easy to sink the ship, because it did not have anything inside the hulk, so the water could easily flow inside it. This was the cause of that the ship sank in the shallow water shortly after it begun the tests. The ship was brought out from the water after some time and after debate that it could be scrapped, it was commanded to rebuild it to light aircraft carrier.

New design

After rebuilding it to light aircraft carrier, Gyögiszertár absolved another tests and maiden voyage that were successful on 8th April 2020. The ship served in the 1st Sea Fleet. Gyögiszertár absolved around 3 voyages. First, the estimated time of serving of Gyögiszertár was to August 2020 or longer, but then, it was decided to decommission Gyögiszertár on 2nd July 2020, but it did not happen. The ship was then put in storage for a long time.

On 10 November 2020, the Navy announced that Gyögiszertár will be decommissioned on the next day with one of the T-Rex class frigates. After a decommissioning ceremony, the two ships were towed away to the scrapyard and scrapped. The bridge of Gyögiszertár was displayed in the Baranese Naval Museum until the dissolution of Baránok. It was replaced by the cruiser Goji in the Navy.