Department of Tourism(DR)

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Dale Republic
Department of Tourism
Formed22nd September 2011
JurisdictionDale Republic
HeadquartersCity of St. John's, Woking district
Minister responsibleDanny Clarke
Dale Republic

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The Department of Tourism (DT) is a Dale government department , with responsibility for gaining tourism in the Dale Republic. The department is also responsible for gaining interest in the 2013 MFA World Cup should the Dale Republic be voted to host the event.

The role of the Department of Tourism is to make Woking and the Dale Republic a unlikely option for those searching for something different in a holiday. The main office for the Department of Tourism is located just outside the Dale capital in the City of St. John's.


Founded on the 22nd September 2011 and was decided to be a separate department form the Department of Culture, Media and Sport as increased tourism for any micronation can be considered a important step in development and has been said by then former king and first President of the Dale Republic, Danny Clarke who said, "Increased tourism caused by a micronation can be considered a power that most would think only macronations can do."

Ministers of Tourism

# Name Term in office Party affiliation
Danny Clarke
Oct 22, 2011 — Present
Woking Independence Party
Key Woking Independence Party

Visit Woking, why not?

Official logo of Visit Woking

The Department of Tourism runs the dale tourism agency "Visit Woking" with the slogan "Visit Woking, why not?", which tries to improve tourism for Woking and other local areas. It was founded on the December 1, 2011 to show Woking and the Dale Republic to be unlikely tourism option and help to make a best possible turn out for the Dale Republic v DES Senya (2012) and Dale Republic v MicroWiki VI (2012) matches.

A part of "Visit Woking" is the creation of posters and videos. Posters made by "Visit Woking" are planned to be put on display as part of an agreement between the Dale Republic and DES Senya for adverts to be displayed during the Dale Republic v DES Senya (2012) and Dale Republic v MicroWiki VI (2012) matches.