Visit Woking

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Visit Woking
Visit Woking Logo.png
Formed1st December 2011
HeadquartersCity of St. John's, Woking district
Managing directorDanny Clarke

Visit Woking is the Dale Republic's national tourism agency and is the name used by the Department of Tourism. Visit Woking has an office in the City of St. John's.

One of the organisation's tasks is attracting visitors to the Dale Republic, which it does through advertising and promotional campaigns.

A part of Visit Woking is the creation of posters and videos. Posters made by Visit Woking were planned to be put on display as part of an agreement between the Dale Republic and DES Senya for adverts to be displayed during the Dale Republic v DES Senya (2012) and Dale Republic v MicroWiki VI (2012) matches, however, this idea was rejected my Barnaby Hands as it would look untidy.