Buäčka (Cow on Curry album)

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Studio album by Cow on Curry
Released30 November 2020
Recorded30 November 2020
StudioGabelheit Studios, ex-FD Room
Riparian Woodlands Studios, Republic of Riparian Woodlands
Producer(s)Cow on Curry
Cow on Curry album chronology
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"It's All About Money"

Buäčka is the first studio album (or minialbum) of the Slovak-Talconian rock group Cow on Curry. Only one of the original members of the band was present on recording of the album, excluding founder of the group A.H., who was replaced by Oľga Bebečková. The album contains 4 songs and lasts 3 minutes and 28 seconds.


Cow on Curry had a long history, but mostly, the band was inactive. Some 2 days before the recording, Imrich Kvajda decided to contact former members of the group to try and record something.


The album was recorded for approximately an hour on a jam session on 30 November 2020.

Release and critical reception

The album was released on 30 November 2020, with all songs published on Radio Baránok group chat, so all Baranese citizens can listen to the album for free. First opinions on the album were relatively positive, however, in the years since, members of KNK (particularly S.S.) have expressed negative or mixed opinions for the album.

Track listing

No. Title Length
1 "Modern Dysko" 1:17
2 "9-Second Relax" 0:09
3 "Blå" 1:01
4 "Rolling Stone" 1:01