1st Government of T.L.

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The 1st Government of T.L. was the fourth government of Federal Republic of Baránok that was formed from two members of Transitional State Council, which was the legislature of Baránok from dissolution of Połiak-Baránok. It was a temporary government, that ruled to 8 April 2020, when first parliamentary elections were held.

1st Government of T.L.
4th ministry of Baránok
Date formed 29 March 2020
Date dissolved 8 April 2020
People and organizations
Head of government T.L.
Head of state Imrich Kvajda from 4 April 2020
Total no. of ministers 2
Member party CDA
Opposition party None
Election(s) 25 March 2020
Outgoing election 7 April 2020
Previous Imrich Kvajda II (Połiak-Baránok), Imrich Kvajda, A.H. (Third Republic of Baránok)
Successor T.L. II


Name Office Party
T.L. President of Transitional State Council, Prime Minister from 4 April CDA
Imrich Kvajda Deputy President of Transitional State Council, President from 4 April CDA