Republic of Slavtria

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Republic of Slavtria
Спгэщиу Йеяахвож (Slavtrian)

Flag of Slavtria.svg
Coat of Arms of Slavtria.png
Coat of arms

"Республика - наше домо!"[1] (Slavtrian)
"The Republic is our home!"
The flag we raise!
Central Ohio
Capital cityStudia (civil)
Govetia (governmental)
Largest cityGovetia
Official language(s)
Short nameSlavtria
GovernmentPresidential parliamentary federal republic
- PresidentPresident Catiko (D)
- Prime MinisterBrtalo (D)
LegislatureParliament of Slavtria
- Upper HouseCouncil of Parliament
- Lower HouseHouse of the Republic
- Type - Bicameral
- Number of seats - 3 (Council of Parliament)
- 2 (House of the Republic)
Established27 February 2021
Area claimedUnknown
Population7 (residing)
4 (non-residing)
CurrencySlavtrian ciev (Є)
GDP (nominal) Є6.90 (2021)
HDI 0.919 (2021)
very high
Time zoneGMT-05:30 (Slavtrian Standard Time)
GMT-04:30 (Slavtrian Daylight Time)
Internet TLD.ros (proposed)
National sportDriveball
National dishSugar bread
National drinkWater
National animalDog
National exportMint (planned, not currently exported)
This nation was a member of Micronations United.

Government website
Gov. Twitter account
Pres. Twitter Account
Gov. Instagram Account

Slavtria (Slavtrian: Спгэщиу), officially the Republic of Slavtria (Slavtrian: Спгэщиу Йеяахвож), is an autonomous territorial entity claiming to be a sovereign nation, referred to as a micronation by external observers, located in Central Ohio. It was founded on 27 February 2021 by current President, His Excellency, Catiko, and current Prime Minister Brtalo. Slavtria is a federal republic, comprised of the states of Kietgrad, Monaa, and Shkolnaya-zemlya. Slavtria currently has no territories. States are divided into counties. The current counties in Kietgrad are Studia County (not to be confused with Studia City), Telici, Bern, and Grasata. The current counties in Monaa are Lacheno, Leafland, Achad, Stadinia, and Farmia. The only current county of Shkolnaya-zemlya is Zekshen.


Slavtria was founded on 27 February 2021 by President Catiko. Prime Minister Brtalo joined in as the co-founder later that day. Slavtria was independent until March 12, when it was invaded by the military of the Domitian Union. Slavtria was defeated and incorporated into the Domitian Union as a state. On 3 April, Koatia, another micronation in the union, started a war with the help of all the other states in the union, including Slavtria. Domitia was defeated on 4 April 2021 at 3:29 AM, and Slavtria gained independence.

Legislature change

On 18 July 2021, President Catiko passed an act where the legislature of Slavtria was changed from a unicameral Congress to a bicameral Parliament. The upper house is called the Council of Parliament, while the lower house is called the House of the Republic.

Slavtrian-Communist War

Main article: Slavtrian-Communist War

The Slavtrian-Communist War started when the Group of Communist Slavtrians declared war on Slavtria.

Political parties

Party color Political Party Name Ideology Seats
Democratic Party of Slavtria Social liberalism
2 / 5
Republicans of Slavtria American conservatism
0 / 5


National Holidays

The national holidays of Slavtria are:

New Year’s Day (January 1)
President’s Day (February 16, birthday of the president)
Independence Day (February 27)
Veterans’ Day (April 4)
Mother’s Day (May 8)
Father’s Day (June 20)
PM Day (Prime Minister Day) (October 7, birthday of the prime minister)
Halloween (October 31)
Chanukah or Hanukkah (November or December for 8 days, depending on the year)
Christmas Eve (December 24)
Christmas Day (December 25)
New Year’s Eve (December 31)

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Unilateral recognition

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