Democratic Party of Slavtria

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Democratic Party of Slavtria
Партія Демократі за Славатрі (Slavtrian)
AbbreviationDPS, D, ПДС
President of SlavtriaCatiko
Founded13 July 2021
HeadquartersStudia City, Studia County, Kietgrad, Slavtria
Membership (2024) 8
IdeologySocial democracy
Social liberalism
Political positionLeft/center-left
SloganFreedom, democracy, Slavtria!
Election symbol

The Democratic Party of Slavtria (Slavtrian: Партія Демократі за Славатрі, Partiya Demokrati za Slavatri, lit. Party of Democracy of Slavtria) is a major political party in the Republic of Slavtria. It follows the ideologies of social democracy and social liberalism, and is left/center-left on the political spectrum.


All politicians in Slavtria were independent until 13 July 2021, as no parties had been founded. At 12:00 PM SDT on 13 July, Catiko founded the Democratic Party, which ended up being the ruling political party as all politicians at the time were democratic.

Notable members

Picture Name Known for
Catiko President of Slavtria
Oscar I Speaker of parliament and former King of Dogestan