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Oligarch State of Curnon
Flag of Curnon
State seal of Curnon
State seal
Motto: "Cur non, Why not, Por qué no, cén fáin níl?”
"Why not, Why not, Why not, Why not?”
Anthem: None currently
LocationCary, North Carolina
Vinton County, Ohio
Swans Island, Maine
New Orleans, Louisiana.
CapitalSouth City
Largest cityAlice City
Official languages
  • English
Recognised national languages
  • Spanish
  • Norwegian
  • Esperanto
  • Toki Pona
  • Curno-Gaelic
Recognised regional languages
  • Esperanto
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Ukrainian
  • Portugese
  • Toki Pona
  • Esperanto
  • Irish
  • Czech
  • Hindi
  • Cantoneese
  • Romanian
  • French
  • Norwegan
  • Russian
  • Latin
  • Curno-Gaeic
Ethnic groups
    • 56.1% European
    • 6.2% African
    • 5% Indian
    • 9.3% Hispanic
    • 7.5% Native American
    • 5.2% Muslim
    • 5.2% Isleño
    • 9.3% Other
    • 48.3% Atheist
    • 31% Christian
    • 6.9% Mohaskan
    • 3.4% Islam
    • 3.4% Satanic temple
    • 7.1% Other
Demonym(s)Curns / Curno
GovernmentOligarchy (De facto)
Dual dictatorship (De jure)
• Main Leader
Asa Ward
• Co-Leader
German Rugama
• Co-Leader
Daniel Gomez
• Co-Leader
Willow Cizdeizd
• Independence
31 December 2022
• Changed name to "Curnon"
11 May 2023
• MicroCon 2023 Joliet
28 June 2023
• Constitution Ratified
8 December 2023
• Total
0.0684 sq mi (0.177 km2)
• Water (%)
• Estimate
CurrencyUSD, GOCO Hydro
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST)
• Summer (DST)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideleft

Curnon, officially the Oligarch State of Curnon, and often abbreviated as the O.S.C., is a self-proclaimed micronation with an ideological foundation based on oligarchic principles. It was founded by Asa Ward. Curnon asserts itself as a sovereign entity separate from any recognized nation-state, and of any micronation. Although the international community may not acknowledge its claims to sovereignty, Curnon has made Micronational alliances, and developed its own unique flag, library, and governmental structure. There is much to learn about this nation, there is an entire website based on defending, and spreading the knowledge of Curnon. The nation was formally in attendance at MicroCon 2023 in Joliet, Illinois, and plans to attend MicroCon 2025 in Montréal.


Curnon derives from the Latin phrase Cur non?, which translates to "Why not?" in English. The name "Curnon" was chosen to represent curiosity, creativity, and open-mindedness.

Flag and Motto

The flag of Curnon features a distinctive design that serves as a symbol of the micronation's identity and aspirations. It has the state emblem in the middle and its four colors. The red is for micronationalism in general, while the yellow is for the government reaching out to the micronational community. The white “I” is for the leaders: Asa Ward, Daniel Gomez, Willow Cizdeizd and German Rugama. The orange line represents the unity of the above and cooperation between Curnon and other micronations. These symbols unite to create Curnon's most well known symbol, the "Rising Sun" of Curnon. Other aspects of the flag include:

  • A purple stripe used to represent our love for Native American cultures. Purple was used as a nod to the Haudenosaunee flag.
  • A white cross represents the fact that Curnon goes through changes, big and small, and the progress that we make in those changes.
  • A tan cross, which shows the longevity and hope for the eventual success of the nation.
  • Thinner yellow lines meant to encompass the other three, and show the value of Curnon to all, as well as the work needed to keep the nation together.

All with a separate purple background, representing the statistical rarity of such a micronation being declared, and existing. It is the chosen design that is used to represent the nation, and is called the "Hiawatha Banner". This is in reference to the Hiawatha Belt, a belt used to represent multiple Native American tribes near New York and Canada. The national motto of Curnon is "Cur non, Why not, Por qué no, Cá faic?" This reflects the languages spoken in this proud nation, and means “Why not?” in Latin, English, Spanish, and Curno-Gaelic. It reflects the spirit of curiosity, open-mindedness, and a desire for change. This is also a nod to the curiosity of the human mind and activity of creation of unheard ideas that pervades, and predates the micronation's ideology and government.


Ideology and Leadership

The ideology of Curnon revolves around the concept of an oligarchic state, where power and decision-making authority are concentrated in the hands of a four people who hold the role of "leader". The main leader of Curnon is Asa Ward, who assumes the role of the primary decision-maker and oversees the governance of the micronation. Supporting Asa Ward are 3 co-leaders, German Rugama, Willow Cizdeizd and Daniel Gomez. Together, they form a leadership structure that guides the affairs and relations of the Oligarch State of Curnon. German Rugama governs his own territory (Cuarto) within Curnon, And is the Head of the Military. Daniel Gomez leads the Asa Islands. All Leaders of curnon make up the highest body in Curnon's government, known as the Grand Cabinet. Curnon's Main leader is radically multiculturalist, Daniel Gomez and German Rugama are Center-Left politically, and Willow Cizdeizd is the most Libertarian Left citizen of Curnon. Every Leader of the OSC makes up the Grand Cabinet, and each lead a Province of Curnon

A political compass of most Curnon citizens
Leaders of Curnon/Grand Cabinet members
Position Name Province Leadership
Main Leader Asa Ward South City
Co-Leader Willow Cizdiezd Alice City
Co-Leader Daniel Gomez Asa Islands
Co-Leader German Rugama Cuarto

Land Claim and Population

Curnon asserts a land claim encompassing a total area of 43.8 acres. While the physical extent of this territory may be limited to small, spread out areas, The Leaders of Curnon have been able to keep the Curno claims intact despite 100s of miles of separation and manages to keep them intact under one government. This micronation places significant emphasis on the quality of its citizens. Curnon maintains moderately strict criteria, and rules for gaining and maintaining citizenship, resulting in a somewhat small population of 33 individuals. This selectiveness ensures that those who become citizens of Curnon roughly align with the values and principles of the micronation, And will not break any laws within the nation. This was adapted due to past experiences with unworthy, and foolish people gaining citizenship.

Official Languages

The official language of Curnon is English, serving as the primary medium of communication and documentation within the micronation. Curnon has many Recognized languages due to a high precent of the population speaking multiple languages. The most commonly spoken languages in Curnon are officially Recognized as to prevent discrimination to those who speak other languages. In practice, Regional languages and languages not recognized by Curnon in any capacity are treated similarly to Recognized languages, Recognized languages only having some minor benefits and protections.

Culture and Heritage

Curnon strives to foster a unique cultural identity despite its small size and population. The micronation celebrates its heritage, and pride through various cultural activities, including book renting from our national library, weekly discussion on modern happenings in and outside of our nation, and other intellectual discussions. These endeavors aim to promote a sense of community, encourage artistic expression and pride within the nation, and preserve the national identity of Curnon. Despite Having a high European, especially Irish population, Including the Main Leader, Curnon constantly persuades it’s citizens to respect native Americans, and their culture, and to fight all forms of racism against anybody, and everybody.

LGTBQ+ acceptance

Curnon as a nation is very LGTBQ friendly, with all 4 leaders of Curnon and most members of government being LGTBQ+ in some form. Hate speech against LGTBQ+ has been entirely Banned in Curnon. About 25-35% of people to lose Curnon Citizenship had it revoked due to hate speech, and/or discrimination. Multiple Citizen applicants have been rejected for this same reason. Curnon has Anti-hate laws covering both sexual orientation and gender identity, and hate speech is punishable by permanent expulsion.

Rights Status
Same-sex sexual activity checkY Yes
Equal age of consent 18
Anti-discrimination laws checkY punishable by expulsion.
Anti-hate crime laws checkY punishable by expulsion.
LGBTQ+ allowed to serve in the military checkY Yes
Right to change legal gender checkY Yes
Recognition of same-sex couples (e.g. civil unions) checkY Yes
Recognition of non-binary genders checkY Yes

Religious tolerance

Religious citizens of Curnon have the exact same rights as non religious citizens, but are significantly more likely to be stripped of they're citizenship due to Hate speech than non religious citizens. Religious citizens have also been stripped of citizenship and blacklisted due to preaching one religion above all others, often times criticizing the state for its stance on LGBTQ+. Curnon has a 0 tolerance policy for hate speech, fueled by religion or otherwise. 2 of 3 Co-Leader's are religious, Main leader, Asa Ward is a former Jehovah's Witness.

Religion in Curnon as of March 2024


Most of Curnon's population are Leaning Politically left-Libertarian, or Left authoritarian. Curnon's Leaders All lean Left wing politically.

Grand Cabinet

The Grand Cabinet is the highest body in the Curno Government, above the Senate. The Grand Cabinet is a system to quickly decide most minor actions and decisions within Curnon. Generally, the Bigger the issue, the more likely it is to be brought to the Senate. 'The Grand Cabinet' is also casually used as a term to collectively describe all the Leaders of Curnon at once.


Curnon has 5 political parties, that are meant to represent the People in Curnon's Government, and make up the Senate. the leader of a political party, or member of the Grand Cabinet can write a bill or suggest the creation of a bill to be put into law. If the Grand Cabinet votes on any decision, and Ties, the decision will be pushed to the senate. The leaders of political parties can cast they're votes however they see fit in order to pass, or reject a bill. Historically, the CGP is the longest lasting active political party. The newest party is the CSPP, being established on April 30th 2024.

Party Seats
Irikladian Front
1 / 4
Socialist Orthodox Party of Curnon
1 / 4
Curno Global Party
1 / 4
Satanic Curno Pepole's Party
1 / 4

International Recognition

While the international community may not officially recognize the claims to sovereignty made by Curnon, the micronation actively seeks to establish connections and engage with other similar entities such as fellow micronations, and has some notoriety and recognition in the Micronational community; Curnon participates in diplomatic interactions and projects with other micronations, aiming to foster a network of relationships within the micronational community, these engagements contribute to the development, and success of mutual understanding and cooperation among like-minded micronations. Curnon as a nation is fiercely opposed to merging, or annexing by any micronation wth their own. Those who propose this idea are immediately met with a strong denial, and being cut from communications with Curnon.


Recognized Partial Unrecognized Condemned
 United Nations  Vatican City Taiwan Ukraine Eritrea Sovereign Military Order of Malta Tibet Afghanistan Abkhazia South Ossetia Somaliland Bougainville Western Sahara Kosovo  Serbia Morocco Papua New Guinea Moldova Georgia  Donetsk People's Republic Luhansk People's Republic Northern Cyprus  Israel Palestine China North Korea Belarus Russia

Curnon does not recognize the following parties/leaders of the following states as legitimate.

  • The Republican party rule in Florida
  • Putin's leadership of Russia
  • Alexander Lukashenko's Leadership of Belarus

Relations and Allies

Curnon is generally open to diplomatic relations with all micronations to meet certain requirements and pass a background check, although maintains a Very tight set of allyship requirements, and allyship is only given to a select few micronations that have contributed to Curnon's history due to two former allies losing all recognition by the state relatively soon after gaining allyship.

Curnon's allies.

Dostykstan and Hokoria.

The leaders of Dostykstan and Curnon met and had a conversation at MicroCon2023 Joliet illinois, and have talked since via Discord. Curnon and Dostykstan have partnered in a micronational podcast known as 'Micro-No-Micro', and Curnon entered The G.O.C.O. on 7th october, Hokoria and Dostykstan are among the founding members.The leaders of Curnon and Dostykstan joked about dostykstan taking over Curnon after winning Hokorian elections, This partially became the case when Asa temporarily gave the head of Dostykstan Leadership of curnon for 5 days. Curnon and Hokoria have had official relations since 24th December 2023, Soon after the Main leader of Curnon reached out to the Hokorian exterior for help managing Curnon's virtual discord community server, within the next week the two nation's relations were formalized. Kohoria sent out Happy Christmas wishes to multiple micronations, including Curnon and Dostykstan. In the Hokorian elections, Daniel won a vital government position. Hokoria has provided Curnon with much support in editing and transferring it's website, and moderating it's discord server. the leaders of both micronation's are also Co-Leader's of Curnon.


The leaders of Curnon and Pontunia first met at MicroCon2023 Joliet illinois, and have loosely been in contact since. On March 6th 2024, the leaders of Curnon and Pontunia met and signed a treaty of alliance, due to the Leader of Curnon being in the same area as Pontunia on a vacation, and Curnon gifted the Leader of Pontunia the 'Medal of Eternal Reality', a medal made especially for the occasion. Both leaders are Citizens of the other micronation.


Curnon and Slavtria first came into contact, and signed a Relations document in late december 2023. On March 23th, The Main leader of Curnon reached out to the President of Slavtria with the intent to sign an allyship document due to the two nations similarities, pro-LGBTQ+ stances, and simply the two leaders being good friends. Allyship was achieved the next day. Both leaders plan to meet at MicroCon 2025, Montreal Canada.

Micronational relations

Allied Bilatteral Recognition Recognition revoked Unrecognized Condemned
 Dostykstan  Hokoria  Pontunia  Slavtria Boredesia  Pantonia Rudharta Inocria Republic of New York Bukistan Schpecktenia Nilux MicroWiki:MicroProject Copy Edit/Nation page guide Ghurklas Unitary Rep. Turisa MicroWiki:MicroProject Copy Edit/Nation page guide Eldonia Holsor MicroWiki:MicroProject Copy Edit/Nation page guide Hesminia MicroWiki:MicroProject Copy Edit/Nation page guide Aphrania People's Rep. Turisa MicroWiki:MicroProject Copy Edit/Nation page guide Bonesdale MicroWiki:MicroProject Copy Edit/Nation page guide Almendria MicroWiki:MicroProject Copy Edit/Nation page guide Cornland MicroWiki:MicroProject Copy Edit/Nation page guide Vogelia Nazaskia TDC CSSR MicroWiki:MicroProject Copy Edit/Nation page guide Śmierć Akxcalonia MicroWiki:MicroProject Copy Edit/Nation page guide Soopta (Dissolved)

Curnon unilaterally Recognizes all MicroCon 2023 attendees, Joliet or Ypres, with the exception of Akxcalonia.


Curnon has never had an official war, although has had De Facto hostilities with other Micronational entities.

Wynnmania / Soopta

Wynnmania, known as 'Soopta' in its final weeks was was a micronational terrorist group, targeted at damaging the legitimacy of Curnon via threats, blatant ignorance of any evidence of their legitimacy, mockery of multiple citizens, and blatant bullying. Their first assault happened on the same day as their “founding” occured, February 28th. The “leader”, Wynn and 4 other citizens Annoyed and threatened Curnon's at the time inexperienced leader constantly over a 20 minute period, Asa was able to ignore them until the "Leader", wynn said “I,ll kill you and all of your citizens!". Asa immediately left, and the first resolve is over. Being infuriated, Asa declared all involved enemies of the state, Banned anyone who has even been a citizen of wynnmania from gaining citizenship of Curnon, and attempted to stop curnon citizens from interacting with those affiliated with Wynnmania, this had mixed success. For the next 3 months, A few words were thrown, but nothing escalated as far as death threats since, until on March 23rd, Former Co-leader re-started hostilities with Wynnmania, And caused a mini battle to happen which lasted 5-10 minutes. Despite the battle being mostly words and sticks, this caused 2 Mild Inguries, Wynn poking herself in the eye with a stick, And Asa trying to leave the chaos, and tripping on a bench. Both leaders recovered by the end of the day. Sometime after, they rebranded themselves to be called 'ssoopta', athough there are no records of when this occured. Finally, Via a series of connections, after a month of no official hostilities, We learn that “Wynnmania ” Is no longer an entity, and all involved have forgotten about it. And just like that, On Jun 13th 2:58PM, Curnon is officially a nation with no enemies. Asa and Wynn, the two Leaders are currently on good terms with eachother. This was only seen as an official conflict by Wynnmania, Curnon never formally declred war on them. A law passed in Late April 2024, allowing former Wynnmania Citizens to become Curnon citizens.

BA S(Akxcalonia)

The BA S is as of yet the biggest squabble to occur between MicroCon Joliet attendees after the event concluded. This can be split into 4 events. This whole affair lasted from August 22nd 2023 to January 19th 2024, although remnants and unofficial distrust continue to this day

Asa and Brogan's feud.

By far the longest portion of the BA S, this was mostly ramblings and insults between the leaders of Curnon and Akxcalonia. The worst of which included tactics used by, and signs of narcissism by brogan (Always playing the 'victor or victim', Blatant ignorance, etc) , and Brogan asking Asa for a trade of sexual photos.

The NAA.

The NAA, known as 'Nations Against Akxcalonia' Was a temporary micronational alliance formed in retaliation of the leader of Akxcalonia sexually harrasing the head of [[1]] That lasted from November 19th to Early December. Within 50 hours of this becoming known, a group of 5-7 nations formed the NAA. The NAA had the Akxcalonian Discord server deleted, Tarnished Akxcalonia's reputation by exposing the aforementioned offer for trading sexual photos and the sexual harrasment of the head of [[2]]. The leader of Vogelia participated in a Flag burning, and the Leader of Curnon destroyed 2 Akxcalonian flags with knives. Within 2 weeks of the Flag burning, the NAA was disbanded. Brogan attempted and failed to regain the trust of the head of Curnon, which Co-Leader Daniel Gomez has described to be simmilar to 'a toxic ex'. This would become a pattern. Brogan at one point attempted to dox Asa, despite the fact that Asa also had the address of Brogan, but said multiple times that he would not doxx brogan. there are no records of when this occured.

One of Two pieces of Pro-Curnon, Anti-Akxcalonia Propoganda.

Excelsior Akxcalonian war

Due to Akxcalonia going against the Excelsior Revolution, the Revolutionary government of excelsior declared war on Akxcalonia on 3rd January, along with the puppet state of Kafkaland. This war ended 6 days later, with Akxcalonia in 800,000 Aquestrian marks of debt to pay.

The last stalk.

Brogan tried to regain the trust of the Leader of Curnon via E-mail, requesting friendship medals be made and saying that he was trying to 'keep the peace'. Asa told him that the BA S is all over, and that the only way to keep the peace was to simply not interact. The BA S finally concluded on 19th January with Asa saying 'don't even try to contact me again, you will not get a response', and Blocking brogan on every social media platform, E-mail, Messenger, and any other form of contact.

Aftermath in 2023 and january 2024

Asa still hates Brogan, and the heads of multiple micronations refuse to call him by this name, instead referring to him as 'Bruhgan'. To this day most involved still believe that Brogan is likely to be a narcissist. Brogan still attempts to irritate Asa and other Curnon citizens, but is ignored. Asa Ward and a few others have silently mocked him, without directly responding to anything he has said since.

Later lesser drama

in the year 2024, Brogan has made multiple unwarranted insults toward Asa and Curnon, one of which highly suggest Brogan to be homphobic. Asa has directly contacted brogan since, although very little. Brogan continued to make hypocritical insults toward Curnon until March 10th, on that day all remnants of the BA S' continuation died, as Brogan cut all contact with Asa, and all Curnon citizens. Later the two had a small squabble stemming from relations between Akxcalonia, and Cotter Menaceland.

After the BA S Akxcalonia pushed for Recognition between Akxcalonia and Curnon in late April, after Curnon left no reply, Akxcalonia revoked their allyship with The Empire of Eldonia due to having bilateral recognizing with Curnon.


'A Totalitarian state', made by the second president of Boredesia.

The first ever piece of Curnon themed Propaganda, made by the second president of Boredesia.

Curnon has a wide array of artworks used to celebrate the existence nation, the majority are Countryballs 1 year anniversary artworks, or Simplistic designs themed off of Curnon. An estimated 55 Pieces of art surrounding, and based off of the Micronation.

National library

The Curno National Library contains 109 Books that range from French dictionaries, to documentaries, and fiction stories. On May 20th, 2023, day approximately 1/3 a mile away from the Mainland, and almost 200 Feet from the Northern Territories, Asa Ward noticed 2 Giant Boxes while surveying the area Curnon is surrounded by. Upon further inspection, After a close examination, He realized that a local library abandoned them because they had no scan sticker, and had thrown them out. Asa decided to get bags from the mainland, ams to take these books for Curnon. For over an hour and a half Asa Ward carried these books back to the mainland using 2 brown shopping bags, 2 white shopping bags, and one of the original Boxes the books were found in. Along this journey while Asa was taking a rest from taking these books to the mainland, "About 6 kids, ranging from 14 to 17 years old" offered him weed. He declined and left. This collection of books has grown over time from its original 83, And currently our library holds a total of 115~ Books. On 5th October 6 more books were brought to the Curno National library, a few more were added in late December


Curnon was in attendance at MicroCon2023 in Joliet, Illinois, and plans to attend MicroCon2025, and IPCM 2024.

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